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VNG has killed "3Q 360mobi" to focus for Legends Mobile Bang Bang

The MOBA title is 3Q 360mobi on the theme of the three kingdoms of the three kingdoms released by VNG in 2016, so far the game has been "closed" to prepare for a new game called "Bang Bang" Legends.

On afternoon 02.06.1516, VNG has launched an official 3G 360Mobi launch in Vietnam. So, the official version of 3Q 360Mobi will be launched at 09:00 on June 6, 2016 and supporting Android and iOS. For unidentified, 3Q 360Mobi is a mobile game developed by Electronic Soul Company (China) with content from MOBA 3Q Onion (original name Mong Tam Quoc). Using the famous three-dimensional scenery and its special features from 3Q Onion, 3Q 360Mobi has attracted many gamers to take part in the test.

3Q 360mobi has been upgraded and has many major competitions.

Improved graphic quality, spectacular vision and vibrant 3Q 360mobi effects will be the most up-to-date use of technology. It can be said that 3D is a graphical first sight in Vietnam, the best Esport players who are in the best. wait. It is an entire legacy of a 3Q series on Your Computer, a & # 39; including professional competition systems and other community based roles, such as online sessions where up to twenty thousand people can be found. But with the inconvenience of the Mobile Federation released by Garena and many other MOBA mobile games emerging, the 360Mobi community has declined the number of players and their players, closed closing 27 / 12/2018 just first. This move is to make clear the way for Mobile Phone Stories: the Bang Bang VNG on November 21, 1818.

Mobile Phone Stories: Over 100 million downloads worldwide have a Bang Bang band.

Mobile Phone Stories: It's a MOBA game in Bang Bang that is not so strange to the playing community all over the world, because it's a high quality game. There graphics is very beautiful. With its mobile game market there is a wild competition. and is almost contaminated by hundreds of different types of games, the Legends Mobile game: Bang Bang is one of the most important aspects of the MOBA game, which attracts 8 million games from 18 different countries, More than 1 million YouTube content, as well as its hit game, has over 100 million downloadables all over the world. With the part information that we also have a & # 39; see hot this title.

Mobile Phone Stories: VNG released in Vietnam

Not only is it hot in the world Phone Stories: Bang Bang released by VNG in Vietnam has received a lot of attention from gamers when 10% 39; followers button. Factors of VNG get a lot of support such as: Account cases, inserting cards, quick fixing questions, etc.


For the best MOBA player to move to Gamers, looking for a good international game, NPH VNG is to build a strong community of gamers. And this is the first competition to be held in Vietnam with a total prize of up to 500 million. The right refurbishment for 3Q 360mobi is a fine phones.

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