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Vu "aluminum" for re-taking VND200 billion of Bank DongA

On November 28th, the People's Court in Ho Chi Minh City continues to hear court about the misleading case of title and authority over property, carry out action unresolved against the State's rules on economic governance, which adversely affect its & # 39; Bank. East Asian Bank (DongABank).

Therefore, Tran Phuong Binh (who was the General Director, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of Commercial Credit Bank Commercial Commercial Bank Credit A) was convicted of two offenses against a single offense state control of economic governance. causing bad adverse effects and bad adverse in delivering ownership.

The defendant Phan Van Anh Vu (aluminum Vu) was allegedly abused by title, authorization to appropriate buildings.


Vu "aluminum" said he was not guilty.

According to the case file, in 2013, DongABank suffered a long loss, a huge amount of money and gold in the investment, Tran Phuong Binh's policy has increased the volume of the DongABank chartered capital from 5 trillion dong to 6 trillion dong to attract It is expected that DongABank will invest in DongABank to have a lot of money to handle and handle DongABank; Developing its name and location.

Old scientists agreed that Tran Phuong Binh and Phan Van Vu Vu bought that Vu "aluminum" bought 60 million DongABank shares for 600 billion dong when DongABank grew up its main employer, aimed Phan Van Anh Vu I was the main owner with the largest power in DongABank.

Money to buy DAB, Phan Van Anh Vu mortgage 220 land site in Da Nang City loans of 400 billion DongABank. For the last 200 billion Dong, DongABank asked Dongabank staff to fund the Vu and Vu money to sign VND 200 billion from DongABank for Vu to buy shares in DongABank.

However, the increase of capital quarterly increased to 6,000 billion, so on April 8, 2014, DongABank Tran Phuong Binh's staff led 600 billion and 9.5 billion profit profits of 600 billion. Nam Nam 79 account in Dongabank Da Nang branch.

So, Vu "aluminum" did not only pay 400 billion but got 600 billion and 9.5 billion. Interesting, that is, DongABank lost 200 billion of the first one because of the investment offer and VND 3 billion interest. this money.

Before a lawyer, Phan Van Vu sent a petition to his / her; Chief Landlords (PPSI) giving his opinion on the decision of a Public Security Ministry research group decision. In his bid, Phan Van Anh Vu said he did not know what the amount of 200 billion VND that Tran Phuong Binh personally gave to the Dong Nam Number Compatible Stock Company 79 for purchasing shares in DongABank. from the DongABank Fund. Tran Phuong Binh did not own Vu "aluminum" here.

Defender Phan Van Vu said he did not contact the defendant Nguyen Duc Vinh (who was the head of the DongABank Finance Department) to bring the money back to the company. Mr Vu said he did not speak to Binh's defender, Vinh defender, Nguyen Van Thuan (former Deputy Director of DongABank), to defend the Hung (former treasurer of DongABank ) to make statements, Dong and draw money from DongABank.

Vu guardian also said that there was no share, benefit, percentages, benefits of the South South Building Company's 79-billion loan bill of Mr Binh.

Debate and money management was led by Mr Binh in proof of Mr Binh, Mr Vinh, Mr. Thuan, Mr Hung together, Vu "aluminum" is not in place and this is not related to the Bac Nam Construction Component Stock Company 79.

So, the defendant, Phan Van Vu, said that he can not prosecute the abuse of his or her property, despite the title and authority of his relevant property. At the same time, the accused Phan Van Vu said he was not guilty.

Xuan Duy

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