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What kind of clothing can be carried before it is washed?

1. Sub-page

It is a subpage that directly affects the health, especially the species. Almost everyone knows that the principle of simple simple napkins should be washed immediately after spending

2. Jeans

When you use jeans, their & # 39; Most people fall into two classes: either to go to; wash or regularly skip It is very appropriate to use jeans for 5-6 years after each other.

3. T-Shirts

Like the antibody, a T-shirt is pretty close to its skin and its; including most cancer. So, to avoid getting bacteria, wash after each use.

4. Clothing

You only need to wash the dancing after spending about 4 trips. However, you should also be flexible about things such as weather, terror, smell to decide when you should clean this shirt, and avoid the chance to reconstruct bacteria.

5. Overall

It is the place where most insects and backs are collected, compared to other clothing types. So wash them clean after each use.

6. Sports

Wash your sport every time you go to the athlete. It is not as long as long as the training time is, you are too frightened.

7. Sleepwear

Most people have a think they do not need to wash the pyamamas because they do not spend just a few hours a day, and more importantly, when we wash them. But the laundry house can affect health. According to experts, you should insert a laundry after up to 4 times.

8. Clips, pants and shorts

Compared to jeans, you need to skip the skirts, the pants and your short shorter more often. You can usually do this after 3-4 times to spend.

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