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Tuesday, 11/20/2018 10:01 AM (GMT + 7)

As well as the open and supportive mind of a gear captain, it is estimated that plastic surgery is not in many minds.

Phi Thanh Van was pulling the knife cutting as & # 39; any other bias? & # 39; - 1

Phi Thanh Van is a famous "Queen's toilet" in Vietnam's showbiz.

After a while in an artistic activity to focus on a small chemistry and family care business, Phi Thanh Van took the "Power Seat" program today. "The Queen's Cutlass" in the picture about a plastic handicapped case with beautiful people Pham Yen. Although it's not just a drama, but the story is very reasonable when the characters are always at a time; A discussion about the Phi Thanh Van knife and a full body cut. In particular, Pham Yen said, Phi Thanh Van's penalty is just "fake" and is guilty that he is not willing to break the form of parents. Immediately, the beautiful girl born in 1982 gave you Pham Yen one slap in the air and responding:This is a slap of the tide here. You should be awakening, if you do not awaken and know what to know, and in the # 39; wood "South Westerly

Phi Thanh Van was pulling the knife cutting as & # 39; any other bias? & # 39; - 2

From the very fantastic story of Phi Thanh Van on the television show, Understanding the adverse effects of plastic surgery.

Although the story is accepted, but the word "real, break" has begun. In the long run, there is still consideration of double sword plastic treatment with mixed ideas. In addition to the ideas that support plastic laboratories to be beautiful, but many people said it would be adversely affected. Sectoral lannsaid plastic affects other generations such as problems, children's disabilities that are unlike parents, obstacles to communicating with society …

As a case is considered a "successful" of a plastic surgery, Vu Thanh Quynh has a very good soup from the "swan". "Super Beauty Salon" said "I have a new life and new opportunities, despite the change in mythology. There was a lot of questioning that postoperative plastic surgery was so scared for; first one. Answer me, I'm not scared to be my son, no matter how ugly I still consider it. However, I am also planning to get children. "

Phi Thanh Van was pulling the knife cutting as & # 39; any other bias? & # 39; - 3

Vu Thanh Quynh "Super Beauty".

And Dang Thu Ha – the daughter of Hanoi that has a bad impact on a beautiful face like today. In the last, she loved someone but was faced. "At that time, the family does not appreciate its & # 39; The couple say that they love each other because we think we will marry, Glossary also affects them so that they do not enjoy me. That was getting emotional and I finally broke up"Thu Ha decided.

There is a mechanical surgery that can be completely converted to its & # 39; beauty, and others do not understand that it is quite normal. For the case of N.B.N (Ha Dong, Hanoi), he said:I performed eyelid surgery, growing plant, nose, boots and increasing chest. Make a friend after two years I did not meet, just his mouth when he saw me. She said that that vision is different, similar to "face to face". It made me feel aware and sad"

Phi Thanh Van was pulling the knife cutting as & # 39; any other bias? & # 39; - 4

Behind the plastic surgeon is the long story.

He will not see, the plastic blade, new clothes for beauty is now too weird. From the model, Mrs. the ordinary people have a & # 39; Needing to rely on threads to make themselves beautiful. Especially the beauty after the title, it has changed greatly on the face.

The poet and journalist Duong Ky Anh, Vietnam's father of Vietnam, who has a lot of knowledge in recognizing his / her beauty that he does not; supporting the competitors and her beauty after her & her; coronation. plastic surgery: "In Vietnam, the income of the girls is quite different. If you catch up the surgery, the beauty competition, the beautiful people only for people with money. As money can go to plastic surgery. The nature of his / her competition is to Let Vietnamese girls allow everyone, from all over the country to participate, if they take up surgery, the same blacks will not be equal"

Phi Thanh Van was pulling the knife cutting as & # 39; any other bias? & # 39; - 5

Bard, journalist Duong Ky Anh.

"Beautiful beauty, which has been recognized for beauty, collects the essential elements of personality, morality rather than just working with surgery."It was further analyzed.

In addition, the "stigma" or accepting the charismatic surgery is not only for beauty shows such as Miss Vietnam but in some universities around the world , their requirements do not have Scheduled Applicants for cosmetic surgery. Recently, the Academy of Art Movements and Sciences at the Shandong Arts University said they would reject all candidates who had a plastic presence.

Phi Thanh Van was pulling the knife cutting as & # 39; any other bias? & # 39; - 6

Women's Academy of Art and Science Exhibitions do not accept plastic surgery applications.

"We decided to suspend applicants who had gone through a cost surgery in the induction test. People who act as actors or hospitals will attract billions attention. If you do plastic surgery it will affect your words, which are important to the performing arts.", He said director of Film Academy and Drama Arts at Shandong University of Arts.

In addition to the changes in word sights, riddles, it is a problem that many of the plastic campaigns are the number. According to Feng Shui expert Nguyen Quang Sang, the laboratory will greatly change the life and human life, especially women. "Why old men like women's clothing, big faces, big poisones, and shoes big or tall because they are women tied well in marriage, and care for children and money. Now, moving sisters face face, nose and sharp face … look really generous and not a "puffy button" at all.

Phi Thanh Van's real story is saying that plastic surgery is inconsistent

Phi Thanh Van worked promptly when they told him that he was a lie; in plastic surgery.

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