When the boy put the band, a woman in Indonesia put off the flight after the plane

The Indonesian woman will continue the airplane on the fleece for a & # 39; travel late

Ngurah Rai airport companies, Indonesia struggled to control female women on the bedrock on 18/11. Video: TwitterSouth Westerly

The woman, who has not yet been identified, has delayed the cost of low Citilink, and # 39; away from Ngurah Rai International Airport Jakarta on Wednesday. In some way, female passengers are going through the security gate and, jump out of the bedrock, and then Streaming times.

There is a video on social networking sites that shows two airport operators; struggling to control the woman. Then she went back to the ground and was brought out with the security forces.

A spokeswoman for Citilink confirmed the event with the Indonesian Liputan6 television station, saying that the plane was removed after the sailing area was marked safely. Female passengers are then listed on the same day trip to Jakarta.

Edit source] It explains why a woman was in a position; crossing a security fence to the airport and running to the bed

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