Which team has the highest strength in the AFF Cup?

Vietnam entered the AFF Cup on November 8 with Laos on the range. Despite the "fear" words of the enemy, Vietnam has played a game completely and won 3-0 results. Not only did the score difference, Vietnam have also won significantly over Laos in terms of their game, but it is easy to understand that Vannam's football football is at 90 minutes to play.

It took 8 days to relax, which affects the preparation of the Vietnam team, largely because you are experiencing Watch the world's top competitions in the world, without teaming up to eight days to play the next game. the second place. However, he did not affect the style of parent teacher of Park Hang Seo, the Vietnam team made a good match and won 2-0 against Malay in the next game.

Vietnam team (red shirt) showing the play on the front of Malaya

Vietnam team (red shirt) showing the play on the front of Malaya

Just a bit bigger than Laos, Malaysia does not leave a lot of signal on its & # 39; game with Vietnam. It was the only sign of the Tan Cheng Hoe team who was leaving out of his pipeline just in the second half, but the ball was not enough to hit the keeper Van Lam.

In fact, see Malaysia is not a n; play well at the front of Vietnam, if you watch the crews of this team in the games before Cambodia, Laos, find that they do not. make any clear progress. Before Man, many of Ballaya's ballads took place when this included protection protection games, possession co-operation over time, almost doubled Vietnam's time.

Malalais has attacked the mainstream by sending it to hitting the member, but the image was often a & # 39; find out that their players have problems, and then they have to take the ball back. Without just spending time, just making the play easier. As there are no sharp attacks, Malaysian power is without harm.

Indeed, Malay needs a "rubbish cat" to see the main purpose of his & her; Lieutenant in Vietnam's best defense team capabilities, especially Coach Park Hang This created a very good line In 90 minutes, with partner situations, the mutual support is very correct. Thanks to the good team in Vietnam, Malaysia is like an impediment that can not pass.

Vietnam's largest picture in Malaysia's game is the defensive approach of Park Hang Seo. In the anti-attack, whether there are two goals from the German level, Cong Phuong, but in terms of the number of opportunities that are capable of creating, Vietnam can still do better, in other words, Vietnamese practitioners Not only in Malaysia with a game.

AFF Cup (yellow shirt) did not play a stable game after having three games

AFF Cup (yellow shirt) did not play a stable game after having three games

Up to this point, Vietnam's AFF Cup did not have its best performance in 2018. It is a & # 39; Question that Vietnamese team can be played on games against Myanmar or Cambodia in the last two rounds of the A record or not? & Maybe not, as & # 39; The first thing, that Myamnar and Cambodia do not compare competitors to Vietnam, are more important to the situation now, the Vietnamese team does not have to break.

Following two awards, the Vietnamese team gets six points and gets it. Standing in front of a great opportunity to reach the finals. Even in & # 39; The worst case that has been lost to Myamar, the final Virena door is still available when the game with Cambodia has been home on 24.11. So there is no doubt that Vietnam is in the border, with a long battle, Park Hang Seo needs to work out the defense force and may also need to listen to the results from Table B for confirmation. Competitors will be matched in final competitions.

So seen in the 2018 AFF Cup group, the Vietnamese team will not show the highest strength. That comes only after a & # 39; when the "snake" campaigns, and the play team must play in a removal method.


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