Why does class B extend beyond the class C sedan?

When I read the patterns and look directly to the models, show that a back room is & # 39; Bh is always more than the class C- (Nguyen Hoang) car.

Honda in the city is compared to Civic, and Toyota's Vios compares Corolla Altis, Mazda2 has Mazda2 compared to Mazda3, Ford has Fiesta compared to Focus. Here I only have to compare models with the same house "because each car company has its own designation design. Thanks to those with more consultation experience. Thank you

For example:

Honda City: 536 liters, Honda Civic sedan: 428 liters

Mazda2 sedan: 440 liters, Mazda3 sedan: 414 liters

Toyota Vios: 506 liters, Toyota Altis: 470 liters

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