Why does Zidane send his son out to take him before Huesca

The French coach confirmed Luca Zidane can play for Real Madrid in an official match.

“I am delighted that this is the first time at Luca at Bernabeu. It's strong enough to play Real's third goal. Thibaut is very good in recent years and Keylor Navas needs rest after serving with the national team. Zinedine Zidane explained when asked about his son being arrested by Huesca on 31 March.

Zidane defends his son after taking Luca in La Liga over the weekend. Photo: Marca.

Zidane defends his son after taking Luca in La Liga over the weekend. Photo: Marca.

Zidane's decision to abandon his son Luca left behind SD Huesca for 3-2 years. Real, Thibaut Courtois and Keylor Navas have two world-class gamekeepers worldwide. Some say Zidane has created a situation where his son can compete.

“Luca has played for Real companions for 16 years, but he has personalism and personality. The game was very exciting and inspiring. We can play better like that, but a real comedy will be happy with the impact and hard work, ”said Zidane.

Real Madrid 3-2 Huesca

"We are also entitled to praise our opponents. They deserve a better return than losing. We won by visiting the end of Karim Benzema," he added.

Zidane said the club would have to be returned after the national team had been involved. He wanted the players to stay at the club and work together.

"I tried to win all the games but after the national team had been trying, I always tried to give the players a try and there were players working here I don't believe in the formula for keeping the team 11 players and winning the titles In a 60-game season, it is not possible to win 11 players, "said Zidane."

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