Why should not you agree if someone wants to change seats on the plane?

Passengers can comment on a suggestion to move or move; actively open in situations that benefit children.

Sometimes when they fly, someone can ask for seats to change with us. It is possible that couples wish to sit together but unable to investigate or investigate, a businessman can not buy a seat by the corridor and is unhappy to sit at the window. So how should we behave in this situation?

Not everyone is willing to give their seats and buy tickets on the plane. Picture: Old Spice.

Not everyone is willing to give their seats and buy tickets on the plane. Photograph: Old SpiceSouth Westerly

Erin Florio, from New York (SA) describes a story that has happened to her; gone a few years ago.

"I travel alone, going to Rio de Janeiro for the first time and probably the same in my life. Listen to Rio's image, see pictures of beaches When the plane put it off, a woman came up and asked if she could sit in my seat to stay with her husband long and they were going to "remember Erin.

Her chair was two lines behind, away from the window and sitting next to a family of three children. Erin was really sorry to refuse her, and she agreed and let her go. Another woman made her feet simple to sit next to her husband during the trip. And Erin has to be tough and uncomfortable and determined to decide at the plane.

Nina K. Hahn, editor Condé Nast Traveler, I think that a person should not be in a position; Feeling a bad person if he refuses to change the offer for seats.

"I was worried about flying, in some because I was sitting on the right path with lightning. He gave me years to set the seat I've found a good idea, and I have set up a strategy for always feeling calm and comfortable on the plane, "said Nina. She said that her seat was not at the end of her plane, the area was disturbed strongly when the pilot went into the disturbance.

Even when they were not worried about the plane, Nina did not change seats because the current economic science seats are also different by situation – this is obvious in long air.

The final reason for Nina is to maintain the setting that she chose the price. High class high-speed seat seats create different knowledge for passengers, so nobody can easily translate it with others.

If you change air seats, passengers can put themselves to a difficult place. Images: Travel + Leisure.

If you change air seats, passengers can put themselves to a difficult place. Photograph: Travel + Leisure.

In agreement with Nina's opinion, journalist Sebastian Modak has never agreed to ask someone to set their middle sitting series next to their seats. Sebastian believes that a passenger can make an active choice of buying tickets or looking early, so no one should wait to give someone else money to buy first.

"If there is a child who feels afraid when sitting next to him, ask me a seat but it's not fun for him," said Sebastian.

In fact, we can consider the offer to change places or take the initiative to talk out in situations that benefit children. Caitlin Pressist, Moscatello once he sat down in a midfield camp for a family with a small baby sitting side by side. Kathleen was greatly surprised by the attendant to move to the first class cabin thereafter.

At the same time, Meg Reinhardt was always open to proposals in exchange for related benefits. Sometimes she could move from city to the side of the window – where she could safely sleep on long flying.

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