Why was the director Carlos Ghosn arrested Nissan Power?

According to the media JusticeRecently, the Japanese scriptwriting statement, based on the reporter's report, in the last few months, has investigated that Carlos Ghosn and Chief Representative Greg Kelly have used money company. for personal purposes and other financial fines.

All the information the procurator fails to provide is equivalent to the search.


Carlos Ghosn was named as cost killer. Photograph: Bloomberg

In a statement, Nissan said: "The investigation shows that both Ghosn and Kelly have reported that the salary in Exchange Stock Exchange is reporting less than the same amount. -Ourigent Hiroto Saikawa proposes that the board will need the two headteachers.

This news is surprising in Japan, where Gosn, a rare foreigner, also believes that Nissan will take up from nearly a break.

In addition to arresting the Nissan CEO, ppig reporter Justice, The The patients also began to examine the offices of the Nissan headquarters offices and elsewhere on Monday night.

The Tokyo Area Attorney's Office refused to say. Speakers for Renault and the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Motors Alliance also refused to answer the questions too. As soon as this information contains, the Nissan sections have been in & # 39; see a 12% turn decline.

Infiniti price list updated in November / 1818 in Vietnam(VietQ.vn) – Infiniti's price list updated in the latest market in Vietnam, the cost of car modules is not quite different compared to the # 39; previous month.

According to the media VOVNissan is the second largest engineer in the world, which makes the second and its most. developed well after its partnership with Mitsubishi.

Regarding this event, Nissan said that he would be actively working with the police to clarify. At the same time, Nissan is preparing to dismiss CEO Carlos Ghosn's CEO after finding out that he and several chief executives have committed large crimes over the years, not recently, and The number of practices may be several tens of billions of yen.

At the same time, according to the media VnExpressCarlos Ghosn is the leader of a joint venture between Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors.

He leapt him as Chief Executive in 2017 and stated he would retire at Renault before completing his term four years to 2022. It is considered to be one of the powerful leaders. Most in the world's industry.

After the Renault's successful restructuring in the late 1990s, the name of Carlos Ghosn was associated with the name "Le Cost Killer". A & # 39; The first world in the world was to run two companies on the Fortune Global 500 as Renault and Nissan's Headquarters in 2005.

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