Xuan Truong and Duy Manh were chosen to play for Myanmar. Vietnam Football

Two U23 players have taken a step to win the title in the hope of helping the herring to go. receives a favorable return against the Myanmar Cup players in the 2018 AFF Cup.

Xuan Truong and Duy Manh were chosen to play for Myanmar

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Employers and reporters at Stadwun Thuwunna in Yangon, Myanmar have been watching "strange activity" two Vietnam players and Do Duy Manh.

As soon as the cars to Vietnam to Thuwunna, Xuan Truong and Duy Manh have been together for the "grass pedal" for fortune. In particular, the two players will suddenly get out of their garden without going to the usual heating room. After walking around for a while, the two sat down and screwed something out and looked around.

After a brief, Xuan Truong went into the tunnel, Duy Manh continued to prepare for his game. These motions are understood as a way for the players to apply for their opponent's game against the A group.

On the evening of November 19, the day before the game between Vietnam and Myanmar, Park Hang held this prayer ceremony on the Thuwunna Stadium prayer prayer ceremony with his wish to get favorable results. play away from home. Improving no harm is also an important factor.

Duy walked around the field before he came to the dressing room.

At a news conference that was held earlier on the # 39; In the morning, Park Hang coach said that Vietnam's team would have a focus for its Winner: "This is a challenging game, the Myanmar 7 team has visited. We've been well prepared and we will strive to win."

"We have drawn and won in the past." Their results have been good in recent games, but Myanmar is often ahead of their competition, but they can swim outside, for example against Cambodia. Keep my focus in the last 10 minutes, "said the enemy.

On Myanmar side, Antoine Coy's coach also said that the team of themes is set to win three points: "Our plan is to win home games, we have support from old age In addition, there are no players in the Myanmar team injured, only Win Thain Thein has expressed.

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