"You have a silver money story" set up against the Cup & # 39; storm & # 39; AFF

Guo Ngoc Tuyen was greatly injured, he fell into the fish.

After 2 working weeks, Quách Ngọc Tuyên 2 You got a silver story on the 16/11 night. After just one day, a program reached 2 4.3 million scenes, and produced recordings as Introduction 1 had won more than 3 million people in a day. Episode 2 is on top of the top three of YouTube and has now given over 7 million scenes.

Before that, Guo Ngoc Tuyen was worried about the fact that the AFF Cup could be a "storm" with his / her; game between Vietnam – Malaysia to impact on the idea of ​​paper 2. However, the actor was still in a position; The decision to keep the promise with Fans, can not be suspended due to fear. In addition, it also wants to focus on the Vietnamese team before it starts to be very strong.

So, when they set 2 they put a new record, Quach Ngoc Tuyen and the team does not hide their joy. He told the crew that there was a group discussion, people often The vision message by being willing, low-key.

Xu Ming Dat and Quach Ngoc Tuyen's behavior began.

Hua Minh Dat after looking at the second row of messages to Guo Ngoc Tuyen: "Do not stop the efforts every day. Now he still sees the compensation, I did not expect he did; already & so;

This is a section of the young children who can be heard from it unless he has settled it, brother dried a skip but fell in danger. The child is a dry team and a weak group, falling into the middle of a market.

Ron that situation, Seven Chicken (Hua Minh Dat) wants to be released. He said: "The victory of the king, the enemy" s loss and hope Dry Mentally is fond of the fish, because he has not been allowed to get a drinker, a peacekeeper, a competition.

After a dry squid, Seven Chicken asked the fish to be sufficiently aware of carrying his neck or did not carry it and his brother-in-law.

He said the scene fell to the expensive fish.

Quach Ngoc Tuyen also said that this is very expensive. The two brothers just look at the eyes that can work together. "I have prepared two sets of the same clothing because I know what kind of fight it needs to be put in place to make sure that the bird is. TI do not have a sight where I fell in fish, but at the time I fell, I was fishing there. After watching, I and the director unanimously kept this detail. Although falling down, the smell of the fish is bad, the smell is very unpleasant, but this is the best look. " Quach Ngoc Tuyen further helped.

In addition to saying that her character is added to her & # 39; conflicts between the fish and drying Pig to the high so passionate and what is happening; waiting for the next program. Her actress also stated that her mother had asked when her next program was because she was in a position; wait for so long.

As well as enjoying the brothers, Thai Vu spent some days with a warmth on the stone with observers. He said after episode 2, many people left ideas on social networks, saying he was "dirty", "beautiful", "cutting". Even, someone sent a migration to the words in the movie that was; threatening "to look out before looking back, watching his band.

Thai curse was cursed to get into the mind.

But Thai Vu says he is happy because he needs to induce that the observer changes like that. However, he also said he was not very satisfied. If it's back, the actor thinks it's better.

Over the past few days, Guo Ngoc Tuyen said his parents wanted to ask when three are over, and the people in the country are very intense. "My parents also asked me what happened to the fish, as Bao Bao is because people in the country are very desirable. But I say parents are waiting because you can not show, " he smiled.

Not only that, those days to the road, Quach Ngoc Tuyen is happy that everyone describes the prehistoric fish. "The brothers in the profession are knocked on their shoulders, which are strictly praised for us, the only results. The listeners will ask when new program and name Baby Fish alone ", he said happily.

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