Young men fled the friend and committed suicide before the industrial sector

Evil conflict, a young man prevented his friend, killed a knife, and drunk botanists and broke his neck.

By 20h on 1 April, the residents of Tan Duong commune, the area of ​​Thuy Nguyen (Hai Phong) found dead people and women on their way to the VSIP industrial park. The girl was thrown several times in the body, and there was a wound in the man's neck.

On the news, CSDT police co-operated on the Thuy Nguyen area with a number of professional units to monitor sight, autopsy, blood collection with blood bottle.

After this, authorities noticed that a woman of 23 years of age was suffering from a 28-year-old man. Two people working in VSIP Hai Phong industrial park and more recently there have been conflicts.

On the afternoon of April 1, the young man prepared a knife and hard hair, waiting for his sweetheart to return home from work. Seeing the girl, he stabbed two with a knife, causing her to die in the place. After completing the project, he drank the plants and used his own knife to cut his neck.

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