Vietnamese laps hit Vietnamese media before the 2018 AFF Cup match


Myanmar team returned home on 17/11. It is expected that the team will run on 18/11 but not to mention time and place. When Vietnam's journalist informed the media representatives of the Myanmar Football Association (MFF), the answer was long and the response was near Thuwunna Estate. They do not provide a specific address.

However, until the afternoon of November 18, while Vietnam's team was in a position; acting in the courtyard near the Tuwunna National Park, Myanmar team also trained on Aungsan training land up to 5km. With the heavy waters in Yangon, Vietnam's team was delayed for 30 minutes so that Vietnam's reporters could not find the way to Myanmar training ground to record the situation.

Myanmar hospitality will abolish the Vietnam media before the 201A AFF Cup - Picture 1.

Aungsan Stadium has a Myanmar team around 5km from the Thuwunna National Park. Photograph: MFF.

Previously, the Myanmar team lost a half-day move from Laos to the country. They have to travel in Thailand to take the flight to Myanmar. This brought the team back to Yangon after the parent of a Park Hang-teacher.

"Myanmar and Vietnam have six points, the next game will decide on the ticket to the final," said Than Toe Aung.

Myanmar's arm will focus on the Vietnam media before the 2018 Cup A game 2018 - Picture 2.

Coach Antoine Hey and Myanmar players identified the Vietnam team team to decide the ticket to the AFF Cup semi-final 2018. Photograph: MFF.

In addition, the head of the body stressed not to leave any information about the Myanmar team. The Thuwunna Estate rehearsal also includes a complete editing and not for the work of Vietnam.

Myanmar's language is a special character, so access to information related to the Myanmar team is very difficult. The game between Myanmar and Vietnam will take place at 19h00 on November 20 at Thuwunna National Park (Yangon).

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