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Tuesday, November 20, 18:00 19:00 PM (GMT + 7)

VEAM is currently participating in Honda, Toyota and Ford Vietnam.

VEAM identified its recent business results for its first 9 months of 2018 with sales and profits; expand significantly over the same period. VEAM was established in 1990, and is a state-owned enterprise that operates in a range of makers, agricultural implements. VEAM is a chartered capital of VND13,288 billion.

In particular, net income from VEAM to VND was 4,682 billion, up 12% over the same period last year. In particular, it will come largely from the sale of goods such as trucks, tractors, agricultural implements, engines. As a 17% service cost, there was a total profit from sales and services near VND 360 billion, a 24% reduction over the same period.

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VEAM is currently participating in Honda, Toyota and Ford Vietnam

VEAM was surprisingly profits from enterprise companies equivalent to VND4,762 billion, an increase of VND1,242 billion over the same period. This money is largely coming from key ventures in a range of cars such as Honda, Toyota and Ford Vietnam. As a result, VEAM saw a net benefit of VND4,876 billion in the first nine months.

By the end of Q3 / 1818 VEAM's total assets amounted to 24,775 billion, up to 1,415 billion compared to the start of the year. A total debt of 2,100 trillion trillion dong, with short-term and long-term loans to 493 billion. VEAM has 995 billion dollars of profit unsatisfactory after taxes.

In 2018 VEAM placed a target of 4.908 trillion dong after taxation. At the end of Q3, VEAM is particularly the achievement of its profit target for the whole year. In 2017, thanks to profits from connected companies, the business came 5,170 billion, the net profit VEAM is 5,086 billion.

At this time, VEAM is directly involved in 30% of the company in Honda Vietnam, a 20% in Toyota Vietnam and has a 50% Ford Vietnam (which includes group). According to the financial report, it was 359 billion dollars; VEAM is the first investment in Honda Vietnam. Toyota was near 375 billion dunes near 288 billion dong and Ford Vietnam.

In 2015, its Company received VND2,676 billion billetes from Honda, VND678 billion from Toyota. In 2014 this level is 694 and 403 billion respectively.

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