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Before becoming a banner businessman, many famous Vietnam businessmen like Bui Quang Ngoc, Truong Gia Binh, Tran Manh Hung, Nguyen Thanh Toai, Tran Phuong Binh, Lady Kim Hong … Teachers are full willing when they stand on their podium.

The photograph of the most powerful bouquets in the Vietnamese business community

The most powerful dog business in Vietnam

Chairman of FPT Truong Gia Binh

Mr Truong Gia Binh is one of the "general" of the economy, he established the famous FPT team with many activities. He is also one of the richest entrepreneurs of his stock market in Vietnam. But very little, before becoming a famous businesswoman now known, Mr Binh has been involved in a range of education.

Friends of Professor - Famous Corporate in Doctor & Secret; in Vietnam
Mr Truong Gia Binh.

Binh graduated from the Medical Engineering Act at the University of Moscow in 1979. He succeeded his dissertation at the Moscow State University in 1983 and earned the title of the Divisional Professor in 1991.

Mr Binh is also the founder of the Business Administration Department (HSB) under the National University of Hanoi and was a lecturer here.

In 2006, his company opened its FPT University. Mr Binh also participated in & # 39; teaching a range of subjects such as Art Leadership, Corporate Culture.

FPT, Chief Executive of Quang Ngoc

Interestingly, Mr. Truong Gia Binh was only Mr Bui Quang Ngoc, General Director of FPT, linked to teaching.

Friends of Professor - Famous Corporate in Doctor & Secret; in Vietnam
Mr Bui Quang Ngoc.

Before going to FPT, Bui Quang Ngoc was near 10 years of a teacher's salary, after graduating from the Faculty of Mathematics, Kishinhov University in 1979 and defending his Ph.D. Data at the Grenoble University (France) in 1986.

He is a lecturer in Faculty of Mathematics, Faculty of Information, Hanoi University of Technology. At the most famous capital in & # 39; Mainland, Ngoc holds the Dean of Informatics situation.

Relationship with FPT from General Director of the Quang Ngoc Bui from the summer evening began in 1988 when the old friend Truong Gia Binh came to the house and joined the FPT establishment. It can be said that this amazing day has turned from a teacher, scientist to a business innovator and business manager as it is today.

Friends of Professor - Famous Corporate in Doctor & Secret; in Vietnam
Two teachers have been involved in the FPT Corporation since its inception

Not equipped with some business experience, management, but the tools, wisdom and ethos of a teacher assisted in FPT management. After having been over 30 years of age since the increase and decrease by FPT, many of the company's main developments are in the leader's steps.

Truong Thanh Furniture Company

A description of the successful case of "flat hand" teachers in the & # 39; Market Truth Thanh – Chief of Truong Thanh's Furniture Corporate, was also mentioned.

Vo Truong Thanh was born in 1958, at the Artial Tay School of Art in the Din Dynasty continent. At the age of 21, while working as a teacher, Thanh next came to her; leaving the Tay Tay soldiers to the Central Highlands. The work of the Young Volunteer Force processing system in the Central Highlands has begun the love of young woodworkers.

Friends of Professor - Famous Corporate in Doctor & Secret; in Vietnam
Mr Vo Truong Thanh

After more than 7 years worked hard at his wooden workshop, he was elected Director of Growth of Forest and Enterprise Process. He gave his dedication to timber to start his own business with a loan of 50 million dong, establishing a timber processing workshop in Dak Lak in 1990.

As a mathematics teacher, Thanh was always using mathematical thinking to find solutions to problems in the administration. This has made active operation stable and improved.

But at the end of 2008 in early 2009, the economics started hard and the demand for timber products around the world also reduced its business to a difficult situation too. Previously, this entrepreneur was in debt.

Entrepreneur Tran Mong Hung

Mr Tran Mong Hung, who was the Chairman of the ACB Foundation Board, is little known as a lecturer at the Banking Professional School (1978 – 1980).

Friends of Professor - Famous Corporate in Doctor & Secret; in Vietnam
Mr Tran Mong Hung

ACB started with Hung in the 1990s, when it saw opportunities when the banking system was divided into two stages: state and commercial banks.

Recognizing the opportunity when the bank was divided into two phases, state and commercial banks, Hung and his friends left the lecture hall, ACB's acquisition in a bank that was in a bank; meet people 's needs.

Deputy Deputy Director General ACB Nguyen Thanh Toai

At ACB, as well as Mr Tran Mong Hung, Mr Nguyen Thanh Toai, who was Deputy General Director, had a high degree as a teacher before arriving at the banking business.

Mr Toai was a lecturer at Ho Chi Minh City University of the University of 1978 between 1984 and 1984 and from 1991 to 1993.

Friends of Professor - Famous Corporate in Doctor & Secret; in Vietnam
Mr Nguyen Thanh Toai.

According to ACB information, Mr Toai was appointed Deputy Director of ACB since 1994. As well as being Deputy Director of the Board, Toai also worked as a publishing officer. bank.

However, ACB has decided that Deputy Director would be sent to Nguyen Thanh Toai from 25/6. Mr Toai ACB has been dismissed as Chairman of the Scottish Bank Council Commercial Bank Depreciation Company (ACB Lease).

Miss Kim Hong

Miss Miss was known as Miss Miss, who was a teacher who taught music in 1988-1989. She is an owner of a series of food, cheese and fashion brands.

Friends of Professor - Famous Corporate in Doctor & Secret; in Vietnam
Miss Kim Hong.

Dr. has two years Kim Hong (1988 and 1989) as a music teacher at Phan Boi Chau High School, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. Despite her beloved salary, she was very affectionate and she did not think of her. leave the podium

But the family has a big event to change this one to the helm. In 1990, when my father returned to Quang Binh, my father Kim Hong died here. The spirit of failure, this successful woman does not have to work. Listened to her brother, changed her jobs and worked at the Vinaxad Advertising Center, under the Ministry of Business and Commerce, who was in charge of Marketing.

General Director of SaiGonBank Tran Thi Viet Anh

In the names of the female CEOs who move from banking to teaching, it is impossible to do so; mentions Saigon General Director of the Saigon Bank for Business and Commerce (SaiGonBank) Tran Thi Viet Anh.

Friends of Professor - Famous Corporate in Doctor & Secret; in Vietnam
Tran Thi Viet Anh.

Anh has spent spending time at Ho Chi Minh Banking University, and holds office of Deputy Banking Accounting Dept.

In 1994, Viet Anh moved to SaigonBank and became the directors of this bank. And ten years later, he was appointed General Manager.

Hanh Nguyen (Synthesis)

Expanding the best five richest people on the # 39; stock market "width =" 145 "height =" 101

The richest business people rated for the stock market 5

Vietnam Business Day on October 13, along with 5 richest businessmen on Vietnam stock exchange, in "top", Pham Nhat Vuong will always live in a monopoly situation.

Famous campaigners in the Department of Private Sector Development Research "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Famous campaigners in the Private Sector Development Research Council

Many researchers are present at the newly established private research and research unit, including Mr Truong Gia Binh, Chairman of FPT Corporation and Mr Don Di Lam, General Director of VinaCapital, as a candidate.

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