Vietnam's fans added the candidate to "over" the team, to be able to meet soon in Thailand


Wednesday 21/11/2018 00:09 AM (GMT + 7)

Vietnam fans were disturbing the referees when they were doing it; Visit Hang Park Here's a teacher teaching before Myanmar.

Video fanaters in Ho Chi Minh City supporting teacher Hang Park:

In addition to the followers follow Vietnam Team to Myanmar to the audience's "red color" in the audience, many Vietnamese fans are gathering in many places in Ho Chi Minh City to go to; welcomes teacher Hang Seo teacher.

With hearts to burn with love for the national team, fans will draw eyes into the game, make it tidy with a drink, & # 39; Trying the atmosphere to be very lively.

Fan of Vietnamese male referee & # 34; home team, want to meet Thailand soon - 1

Vietnam fans in the "fire" Ho Chi Minh City for a teacher of this Hang Park

However, after the game has finished by dragging 0-0, most of the supporters protested against her; referee game, including referee Khamis Mohammed Al Marri and his assistants.

Duong Anh Vu, a day-to-day retailer for a focus on Vietnam, said: "The referee has made some effort, and we should have at least 3 penalties. Our players are constrained in the area. The rates are not allowed to leave the corner. The game is too weak. "

Tran Thanh Thao graduates from the University of Share recently: "I do not attend this referee. The challenges are challenging but clearly the referee does not express it in particular the situation identified to Van Toan without being away from the aims.

Thanh Nghi (age 31) said the referee had a key game: "This is a hot game between the top two teams, Myanmar. Therefore, the referee does not ensure that co- Make a bad impact on your team too. Speaking now does not solve the problem. The key that Vietnamese players are doing is good, effort and will We continue to enjoy them. "

In particular, Ci said he hopes to meet with Thailand in the round trip to become a caretaker, Vietnam Team it must affect any enemy. At the same time, Thanh Thao said it's difficult for Thailand and Vietnam to complete the second one. So it is expected that both teams will meet in the 2018 AFF Cup tour.

This Hang Coach

The Korean teacher decided not to scratch his / her; coach Antoine Hey from Myanmar.

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