Vietnam's football to go privately, avoid an A2 Cup final final AFF Cup final 2018


VFF directors are aiming to work with the Vietnam ferry company to create situations for the Vietnam team to use private aircraft from Hanoi to Bacolod City (Philippines), the final AFF Cup 2018 matches on 2 December here.

This plan comes from the fact that the Vietnam team has to travel in two new galleries to venues if they are. using a civil aircraft. Full travel time can be up to 15 hours. This will certainly affect the strength of Vietnamese team members on; first step in the first step.

Vietnam's football to go privately, since the 2018 AFF Cup Copper Copper Filipines - Picture 1.

Coach Park Hang-this does not want Vietnam's team to do "stone jets" as it is now to the Philippines. Photograph: Hieu Luong.

Previously, the Vietnam team has been going to " used in Ho Chi Minh City to experience the warmest climate in countries such as Thailand, Philippines. The move to use here is also aimed at cutting off for Vietnam team. So, the team can stop and wait for flight from Ho Chi Minh Town to Manila, Philippines. However, the plan floods due to the impact of No.9 tephoon effects in the South East and Delta Mekong.

For this reason, the Vietnam team has recommended that VFF directors work with airline companies in Vietnam to help with this issue, to ensure that the players are physically better.

Van Toan's injuries did not appear in the Vietnamese republic on the 27/11 morning. T / H: Ted Tran.

Previously, the Thai team also faced the same problem. "The War of the Elephant" must meet Indonesia (the home) and the Philippines (away) in four days (21 and 25/11). Milovan Rajevac's teacher coach also spent more than half a day to get to Bacolod Town. Rubbish power is also part of the cause of the Thai team against the Philippines.

It is expected that the Vietnam team will move to the Philippines on November 28. The team has three training sessions here before meeting the guests on December 2 at Panaad Stadium.

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