Vietnam's referee had a "white white" vanity target Van Toan


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According to Mr Duong Van Hien, Deputy Director of the Vietnam Football Federation, the position of Van Toan's goals was too fast and in a few minutes it was impossible to decide that the game was right or wrong.

"I was watching the TV game but it was very difficult to decide about the situation on radio," said Hien.

"Because the space of the machine is not flat with Van Toan's position as well as the enemy's defender, so it is difficult to prove. However, the referee has a clearer vision because Van is not seen Toan. The referee will keep track of the referee to cut the whistle in this situation, "said Hien.

What does Vietnam's agents say about Van Toan's delays? - Picture 2.

Deputy Convener VFF, Duong Van Hien, said it is difficult to say that the referee makes the decision right or wrong in a few minutes.

Mr Hien also said: "I think the NHM football in Vietnam has the right to decide that the referee has vanity to Van Toan. But on the level of those who focus on the ink, I need to look at situations in different pages, different angles. In my opinion, this situation can not make a decision that the referee refused to have the effective Vietnamese call on Telephone or not.

What does Vietnam's agents say about Van Toan's delays? - Picture 3.

Mr Duong Van Hien said that the senior Qatar referee has worked very well. Photograph: Hieu Luong.

Speaking about the negotiations, especially the work of the referee of Qatari, Hien said that the king of this black shirt worked very well and did; cut the whistle correctly.

"Some cases in Vietnam fall into the case and they want a penalty, but it is completely wrong, but when 100% ensures that the tin whistle referee and his decide to sweep the penalty.

At the same time at Duy's only time at the end of the game, the Vietnam League strike on the Myanmar defender base off the line but Khamis Al-Marri referee does not; Vietnam victim's telephone phone break. That is a situation I'm not happy with the referee, "said Hien.

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