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Tuesday, February 12, 2019


At the end of this year, the US medical team will begin the first clinical trials of a blindness in older people who are caused by a " Dry chronic growth, eye disorder among people older than 65.

The US team of the National Institute of Scotland (NEI) has been successful in the use of cell cells to refine epithelial retina cells, dying at an early stage of disease that affects more than 30 million people worldwide and Reducing the vision, Which makes them the ability to do things like reading, driving and recognizing face, according to Al Bayan UAE.

During the study, which was published yesterday in the journal of Science Translational Medicine, the US team emerged as successful in the operation of a surgical exams; making these cells in the laboratory and then testing on quality, and then to & # 39; used by rats and blind pigs, and they can help Look back.

"The cure involves the inclusion of blood cells and turning them into cell cells, and then typing cells," a & # 39; explains Kapil Bharti, head of the Lecture and Immunology Unit at the National Ophthalmology Institute and head of research for the Middle East. Cell ceilings become pneumatic epithelial cell cells that are applied to retina, cells that die early in the illness that are infected with a disease; dry macula, which affects older people, and these cells feed nutrients, light cells that are sensitive to the saline.

The research team confirmed the success of the cells being transmitted, which helped to reduce the number of cells. introducing a vision in animal models, and generating the gene (RPE65), which are essential for the renewal of a gorgeous piece inside photoreceptors, a key part of vision, and Laboratory cells suggest a vital level of quality Health needs to maintain flexible receptors.

"Our results, both in animals and in the laboratory, allow us to enter the clinical test level of this medicine, which is expected to start later in the past, year with agreement from the governing body, Administration of Food and Drugs in the US, "said Bharti. South Westerly

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