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View the exhibition Arabs Got Talent Section 4, Arabs Got Talent – Many viewers across the Arab world are waiting for showcases, and others, that can help bring the talent to the attention of the jury, looking for their talents beautiful and beautiful voices. The Arabs Got Talent program for Ahmed Helmi, Ali Gaber and Nagwa Karam in the delight of the audience, find many talents, and move them to the world.

The program is designed to offer the best talent in a range of areas to fulfill the right path in this area and one of the most powerful talent competitions in the world, now a program t Arab Jot Talent, which is followed by many viewers in Egypt, the Arab world and around the world.

Date of the fourth program of Arabs Got Talent

The "Arab Jot Talent" program, on every MBC channel in Egypt, MBC4 and MBC Iraq, will be shown on Nilesat on Saturday for the following times: t

  • Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq
  • Full time: 8:00 PM Egypt, Palestine and Jordan.
  • At 10 o'clock in the UAE.

Gout Arab Talent on mbc channel

This program is a source of talent after great success in the past few decades, which has attracted the profile of audiences, who have received a number of opinions, and judges of those talents, and all the channels of MBC in Italy Saudi Arabia. until the story of the presentation of this program in the sixth edition. To be shown on Saudi channels, to reach the Arab and Middle East sections, and to distribute more exciting programs.

Arabic Arts Talent Season

Episode 4 by Arabt Jot Talent Episode 4 t

This program is followed by a large number of viewers throughout the Arab world where MBC channels have re-broadcast the coverage of the Arab Arab Emirates via channels. MBC Egypt, MBC, 4MBC Iraq, the results for the following dates for most Arab countries:

Name of Channel Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq The Age of Egypt, Palestine and Jordan Emirates Time
Egypt in MBC Sunday: At 3:30 in the morning Sunday: 2:30 am Sunday: 4:30 am.
4MBC Sunday: 2:30 am Sunday: 1:30 midnight. Time: 3:30 am.
MBC Iraq Sunday: 2:30 am Sunday: 1:30 midnight. Time: 3:30 am.

Watch the fourth program of Arab Jot Talent

The Arab Arab Talent Competition Program is scheduled to be broadcast in the fourth program at the moment. The previous programs of the program are on display in Arabs Got Talent, or from the link of Shadat Net to appear in the Arabs Got competitions. Talent.

Today's account of Arabs Got Talent

The first edition of the Creative Jot Talent program, which is on the BBC screen on the first day of the day at 9pm, is waiting for the first program of the program. Arb Jot Talent.

The current edition of the magazine has been with the Arab-woman singing song Um Kulthum singing the Ahfh Ya Alby song and with a marvelous voice, the song tells the story of Ahmed Helmy and praising this wonderful voice.

The fourth program of the acclaimed talent program Arb Gotland, boasts a host of talented and talented talent which won the judges for the program, probably the fourth most popular talent program in the fourth program, the Arabs Got Talent. Syrian, Freddy Ishaoua from Syria, and allows supernatural and body flexibility. Who called Ahmed Hilmi as a beast.

Fifth program

The fifth program of Arabs Got Talent will be held on Saturday 16 March 2019 and we will follow you through You News, a new Arb Jot Talent program, through the exciting new ideas and videos, as well as a direct link to see the program.

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