Viewing the Episode ArtGirl 141 through ALNOOR


Part IV is considered one of the most powerful historical series which illustrates the history of the Ottoman Empire, as well as the Islamic history and the beginning of the Ottoman Empire. sides, such as Tatars and the Crusaders. This acclaimed work started almost five years ago and ends in the coming months, followed by the entire series of Osman Ibn Artagarl, but most Anjin Altan fans are in danger. If he was better placed in the role of Osman, A place that displayed Osman after the resurrection of Ertugrul Part V.

Part resurrection Argerel

Resurrection Artegirl 140 Part V will be shown on Wednesday, March 20, at 8 Turkish hours, and will be shown as long as the presentation date is unchanged. Al-Noor channel will also appear in the next Osman series of resurrection, and is today one of the strongest events of the fifth season of Artagarl as a result of strong events.

Frequency of transport channels

Satellite Channel Tricead
Türksat 42 ° E TRT 1HD Turkey 11054
Nilesat The telephone channel 10727
Nilesat Al Yarmouk channel 11678
Nilesat Channel Al Sharq 12604-11137
Nilesat Watan's Channel 11012
Nilesat Qatar channel 10971
NileSat Qatar TV 10719
Like Sat Qatar TV 11604

An analysis of the Argerel 140 Season resurvey program

After my advertisement in the 140th part of Part V resurrection of Artegrel, which hides many events, where the director is in the first advertisement of Art 140 showing some of the sights preserving and strong for the next program of the Artegrel series, it is expected that the next program will dispatch Alabasti alliance with Dragos but The Albatasti (Pepolat) will not, as Dragus points, we are also using it for Artgrel to focus on the very strong posts that are emerging in the next program, seeking to address some of it around saving his closest friend.


Artegirl Episode 140 Episode 140 Madbalij of the Arab, the second Test of the Tour, 140 Resurrection has come from Artegarl, whose courage and inspiration has arisen, where his grandfather Su condition, Albany and Albanian have come. his determination and hardness and after Osman's cutting he saw the father of Arthur Cormack and give him some suggestions that will help him desperately work at the start of his fight and leadership.

Dragoos, the first volcano to the character of Zhangoch today at Pibolat time, revealed agreement to him and strengthen his relationship, but he did not turn out and confront him. Artgrel is said to have been killing his father. An artegrel was killed when he came to the castle, but Artgrel amazed him as usual, telling him to Uranus that Alingac was still close by and that he was intends to attack the castle.

Artegrel and his men, led by Turgut and Pamesi, succeeded in releasing Merghan from the hands of a Tatar director, but the Tartars returned before Artragar and his men departed, and that is what we learn in the next program. .

New program and events burned

Artegrel's voice against Bam is that he is wrong because he did not follow his instructions and follows on from Alingac on his return to Artegrel. He prescribes Amassi his sword and leave his device and his belongings. leaving a tribe. Missy misses a lot, or will be a simple punishment, and Artagirl doesn't leave the closest men away.

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