Viewing the series "The Great House" Episode 28 Today we look at the series "Taigh Mòr" (The Big House) Part 2 "Part 28 Online on Theater Drama". Beetet Man Al-Kebeer Part 2 .. Marwan opens a fire


Watch the program "28" from the Big Part II "YouTube" and exciting events in the Upper Egyptian atmosphere, now see the series "The Great House" Part II Episode Twenty, Al-Bee Al-Kebeer Part 2 Continue Appropriate one day routes, The program "28" from The Big House 2, Following the huge success of the first part of the drama series, there was an excellent reputation. The Big House", Director Mohamed Al-Nukali, has decided to do just that, after a lot of requests from the provinces, and work has already been agreed on the role of the second part based on their applications, where it was completed. T the activities were developed in the second phase

Part Two The Big House

The first day of the series is scheduled for 25 February 2019, as an independent exhibition on an unencumbered channel (open). We followed the eighth series of the Big House series Part II.

Events of The Great House 2 series t

The large house series Part II HD-piles The ves series adds to the events in the Ma region of Upper Egypt, where he talks about some interesting cases, and is the important issue. the fight for inheritance of women, as well as the control of Egyptians in compensation issues based on the author's drama vision This raised the minds of many viewers.

Look at the eighth "28" of the Big House Part II

View of the 58 series of The Great House Part, shown in series 28 of the Great House Part II Today, it is made up of 28 Great House Part II, after it has been built. updated the article, or you can see them in the times mentioned in the article and in the broadcast. Direct to the Al Nahar channel, so you can hold or reference the article.

The new program of Big House Part II is shown in the table below to view the sport through our News News website.

Dates of the series "The Great House 2"

Name of Channel First sight Re
Al-Nahar drama channel (23:00) every day o kptoukat Cairo .12: 00 pm b ◀ ️toukat Saudi Arabia. 7:00 AM Time is 8:00 am.
Al – Nahar Channel 7:00 F ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ud Time Time Time Time Time Time Time Time 00:30 am o️ Cairo Time

1:30 am Saudi time

Big House Marwan opens a fire on Rital. "I will be blessed in the land and come under a Zaynab."

The most powerful scene "Hassan will beat his brother Marwan" .. !!

Heroes "The Great House 2" t

After an apology to a number of artists taking part in the workshops in the second part, it was agreed that the artist's role "Magdy Kamel" as the artist "Munther Rihanna" with new posts. show in the events of the series, including the artists "Abeer Sabri" and "Dalia Mustafa", with celebrated performances. The artists Lucy and Sawsan Badr, and many stars and stars will make this part the main part, and more, with the outstanding singers.

Author "Ahmed Subhi
Director of Mohammad Al-Nukali.

We are looking forward to you through the "The Great House 2" series, for more encouragement and fraud.

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