Viña describes her musicians and Marc Anthony is one of his letters


Among the musicians to which the agreement was reached is Felipe Avello and Mauricio Palma. The salsero is the bet to complete Luis Miguel's quota.

The new Viña Festival will start to & # 39; shape. After the launch of their juries in October, the competition will come into the right ground and, Listing the first stand for the international showcase, its strongest cards, the latest figures to make the Quinta Vergara history. Inside the box that fits in; Legend of the legend Raphael, who is expected to last week, will return to City City with the Resinphonic display, separated from the same name and where it is a # 39; Look again at his orchestral classes. In fact, the symphony was recorded by the leaders of Abbey Road in London, also where the Beatles put their most of it; writing.

Therefore, the Quinta Vergara must change to a large collection and television broadcasting of its sovereignty that is Spanish and, promised to live. For a rest, the character is returning to its & # 39; War also: the tour begins on Monday 10th of this month in Cádiz, so Quinta Vergara will come just two months on the way. And as a whole, it will be very different from the one who appeared at the Movistar Arena in June, when he came with his loco visit to sing, where he put the His biggest moments and one of his latest jobs, Dancers unsure (2016).

In the extreme, the credit is raised, which also shows a figure that has also been approved by the Festival: the American singer of the Puerto Rican Bad Bunny native, characterized by genres such as reggaetón and arrest. Despite being & # 39; get ridicule that does not exceed the four years, it has continued on the # 39; The course of almost all peers, the one to associate each other in two awards to achieve the benefit, as it has happened with the Big campaigns (by Becky G); Mia (with the Drake Canada), and El baño (with Enrique Iglesias). In addition, he will become an ambassador for urban music in Viña, which is present almost every year since Daddy Yankee broke the site of the first memoirs in 2006.

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However, the event has been challenging for weeks with a huge challenge: a & # 39; looking for artist Luis Miguel's height, having reached an agreement with Mexico, but that was rejected by the two parties before a series of complaints that broadcast his television show and the wonderful shows he has been Development in his native country. One of the letters that has been involved in the last few days as Marc Anthony is still a real reputation in the country and who is familiar with the summer scene from their screen in 2009 and 2012. Without going on, it was restored at the end of October in Movistar Arena. A group is considered as an alternative. Chayanne and Romeo Santos were determined to replace the "Sun", although the procedures were unsuccessful.

Different sources say, in general, this time the conversations were not easy. The broadcast of the event for all Latin American countries opposes the agenda of many artists, who like to play in; amaze at their trips or ticket sales focusing in those situations, and so they will The TV was sold to TV as a barrier.

But Viña – from the next quarter is not in the hands of the relationship of Channel 13, TVN and FOX – just music. It's also funny, what's going to give it to it; largest fuel per annum.

This section already has an agreement – although the signature is still in use – with Felipe Avello, the success of the last Olmué Festival and the Telethon: Mauricio Palma, a reporter & # 39; comedy stand in place Mentiras real and enjoyable by Parra's natural Parra; and classical, Dino Gordillo.

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