Vinaconex: The new race of the 360 ​​° Campaigners


Four investors were registered to purchase a block of departments of the Vibaby and Export Export Export Company (Vinaconex, code: VCG) with a minimum value of VND5,430 billion from SCIC and two investors. willing to cost VCD division at VND2,000 billion at its & # 39; At least, Viettel is going on, to take the race to take over Vinaconex.

The faces will participate in the race

According to the Exchange Stock Hanoi, individual Nguyen Van Dong investors and three institutional financial investors, including An Quy Hung Co., Joint Stock Company JTC JTC Infrastructure Investment, Merchandise Merchandise Company, Star Invest registered to record the purchase of almost 255 million VCG shares (equivalent to 57.71% of recruitment capital) which is submitted by the SCIC on 22 November 1818 with a & # 39; starting price of 21,300 dong / divisions.

Mr Nguyen Van Dong lives in Thua Thien Hue, before adding the section to the divisions, Mr Dong has no VCG division. According to Mr Dong's registration, it is a capital basis for the purchase of equity shares and other legal capital sources, which ensures that there is a partnership in sales and sales; paying auction benefits at the time prescribed.

Quy Hung Co., Ltd was registered in Chuong My District, Hanoi, with a registered capital of VND 360 billion, which Mr Nguyen Xuan Dong added and Ms. Do Thi Thanh. The information included in the announcement shows An Quy Hung's short asset near VND550 billion, a long-term VND450 billion and a total capital of VND1,000 billion. In 2017, its company achieved 956 billion dollars of revenue and 62.4 billion dollars following a tax profit.

Thang Long JTC Long Co-operative Stock Company with a legitimate capital of VND 250 billion, registered 57 Vu Trong Phung, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi, by Mr. Nguyen Duy Dung and Mr Tran Duc Tho. Nguyen Viet Hung added capital recreation.

By the end of 2017, the company has a short asset of VND55 billion, a long-term asset of VND202 billion, a total capital of VND257 billion. In 2017, the company's income was nearly 2 billion dollars and bundles; The loss of 2.8 billion dong. A declaration of this initiative shows that the capital stock for purchasing VCG shares equity and other capital is desirable.

Star Invest Investment Limited has registered its business in the Hoan Kiem area, Hanoi, with a contracted capital of VND200 billion, led by Mr Dang The Anh Duc. Amazingly, its company was set up on 9/11/2018, just before registering a VCG section. The company has a & # 39; Funding for the plan to take part in the department department.

With more than 94 million shares, equivalent to 21.28% of the Vinaconex charter capital, Viettel brought its capital out. Two investors bought a & group, Thang Long Housing and Urban Development Agency, VND 380 billion and Real Estate Cuong Vu Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of VND 20 billion.

Where is Vinaconex crazy?

In the auction, Star Invest Company is very much appreciated the location and position of Vinaconex in the market and its location; Believing it will be an excellent investment stream for investors. Stables for shareholders. So, its company is based on the investment, and # 39; adhering to long-term benefits with Vinaconex.

In order to achieve this goal, Star Invest will use all of the resources to support Vinaconex in a & # 39; expanding its market, developing its financial capability, and # 39; guide its business and improve the & # 39; manufacturing and manufacturing efficiency. and the competitiveness of Vinaconex after a successful regional divide.

According to the information of Vinaconex information, a company currently has a & # 39; managed and managed 3.2 million square meters of land, including 131,786 square meters allocated for 9 jobs and 3 million square meters of rented land being built in seven projects. Other.

Most of the assessment is "New Town Town Bac Canh" (Splendora, Vinaconex with 50%). In this project, Mr. Do Trong Quynh, the General Director of Vinaconex, has a clean clean space of over 200 hectares. This is the biggest project in western Hanoi.

Some of the sites today are schools and branches of Corruption as a Office building in Da Nang, over 380 m2; Secondary – primary school – Ly Thai to nursery classes in Hanoi, 24,000 m2; Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park, over 2.7 million hectares; 33,000 m2 pump station; The office is located in the E10 area of ​​Thanh Xuan, 500 m2, a Phu Cuong staffing school, Soc Son area, Hanoi with almost 8,500 m2.

Vinaconex is a series of ongoing projects such as an old place of 93 Lang Ha, Vinata Tower 25 Nguyen Huy Tuong, Kim Van – Kim Lu, an old renovated 1-room room, Ho Chi Minh Town, the 184 room With Hong Phong, Renovation of the old component area of ​​Lang Ha Ward, former Van Bao, Thuong Dinh (Thang Long Toitong Factories), restoration of the house building Thanh Xuan North …

Vinaconex also has a high economic value for investors such as Cua Dat Power (97 MW) and Ngoi Phat (72 MW). ), a solar water project in Ho Chi Minh City. Lao Cai.

Capacity in the construction area with many national projects, including major infrastructure projects such as Noi Bai – Lao Cai Road, Da Nang – Quang Ngai roadways, and # 39; Construction of the Quy Cao Bridge Petroleum Group, Chai Bai Bridge, Long Thang Road, Terminal T2 – Noi Bai International Airport – Hanoi, Nhat Bridge Tan … is also a benefit from Vinaconex.

At the moment, Vinaconex's profit level in the sector is generally about 7-8%. If it is invested in new technologies, it can develop the profit of its company. in this sector to more than 10%, which reach 12 – 15% as other key colleagues who & # 39; get.

According to the SCIC rup rules, investments must pay 10% of the value of their shares at the price of the application. With so much money, the deposit is likely to be a bank guarantee of the banks. VCG rup is still essential when the time for review is due, as the date of the device is set to 16h on November 21,

For a long time, the new market has proved a great deal of the wealth of these sections, from the Kim Lien Hotel rup a few years ago. Usually, before major issues, investors involved in buying regular shares will come together to "know people, know" and get more information to make a decision on & # 39; price.

Despite the guidance, the auctioneer is to confirm the largest inventor in Vinaconex here and also promises that there are many attractive plays.


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