Vinasun Against Grab Review: Vietnam Report Rong, Ban Viet, MBS Named Family F


At the hearing on November 22, he will add to the power of an advocate with two legal representatives, With Thi Minh Hang and Nguyen Van Phuong.

A test panel said the Panel needed its & # 39; Surface Company Whu to block its & # 39; a lawsuit near one month of the lawsuit, to explain the basis for the VNS stock market decline as a result of Grab purpose. Vinasun's assessment result has been a dispute between the two parties.

Cuu Long is there a decision on 31 December 2015, when the Car Grab Pilot Project has not yet been implemented, the VN-Index 579.03 points, Vinasun (VNS) division has a VND 30,400 share . As of 30/6/2017, VN-Index reached 776.47 points, up 34%, but Vinasun's share price was transferred to VND21,900, down 28% from the end of 2015.

So there are reports from three security companies, ie Viet Dragon, Ban Viet and MBS, all of them; indicates a decline in business performance and Vinasun share prices due to a wild competition from its jobs. of Ghrab and Hur

Since then, Cuu Long decided, the same as adversely affecting the Vinasun division from the beginning of 2016 to 30/6/2017 will look like Uber, accept the free strategy, advertising for customers, support for Drivers stressed on the Vinasun market division.

However, Grab does not allow the assessment results. Representative of Nguyen Van Phuong's representative said that security reports on security companies are not right and have no responsibility for this report. Cuu Long does not mention information sources of VN-Index.

Secondly, the decision is for the same reason to reduce the VNS stock price, at that time the security companies are not only identifying and generating; considered.

Third, none of the stock brokers said that Grab was the only reason to reduce stock prices.

Responding to protecting the person's views, Vinasun's representative, Mr Truong Dinh Quy, said reports on security companies are just one base in many tools to talk about Vinasun's damage.

In addition, analytical reports from security companies are based on technical analysis, published reports are available to investors, and real-time statements are available. The test was done in practice, so it works.

"The pricing of stock prices, which is the first thing that damages its business, and the next thing that damages its company shareholders , "said Quy.

However, Grab will appear and said stock prices were not available; falling on property asset; business.

Grab, Procuratorate representative, called Jerry Lim, Director of Grab in Vietnam: "The market price of the sectors does not affect its business but does not affect the shareholders. "

Mr Jerry Lim replied, "Yes." Program Producers: "So who is up and down who is the one who is missing?"

Mr Phuong's lawyer, Mr Phuong, said: "Stock value is not up and down to impact on the unintelligible and exponential value of its business."

Program Producers: "Stock prices, long-term debt loss, which the reputation has decreased? Has the investor been lost and not deposited, then the option to invest such stock "?

Mr Phuong replied: "Investors could, however, be able to benefit investors, as the profits can still be high awards, according to a decision If they are new investors, they can invest in the ability of their company even though its company has its credit and profit reduction. "

Clearly, complainant's representative, Tran Anh Minh said: "The defendant said that the fall in stock prices had influenced the company because they were not listed on its # 39 ; stock market and they did not understand how to assess the stock. Registered campaigns.

Ask the panal Grab how it will deal with expressing misfortunes in the mediaJerry Lim replied: "We want the court to resign the case. If the Court does not stop it, we will not accept any complaint, as there is no evidence There is plenty that proves that Vinasun's damage is the result of Grab. "

The court hearing will be held at 5:00 p.m. On November 23 at the Ho Chi Minh City Court, 131 Nam Ky Ky Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Thu Huong

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