Vinasun – War Grab: The fantastic debate about Vinasun's destruction


Previously, the trial on this case ended the debate, the complaint was debated, recorded for 29 October convicted but then sentence was not returned to his / her; question to clarify the damage. Is Vrabanun caused by a Grab purpose or not.

The Panel decided to suspend its lawsuit until November 22 to confirm, collect and add documents related to Vinasun's Vandalism assessment.

Today, the test kept asking. After stopping the trial, Vinasun continued the petition. Both sides did not provide other documents.


The court chairman, after suspending the lawsuit, sent the Panel a written request to the Cuu Long Inspection Company to produce the results; Vineon Vulnerability.

In particular, ask her & # 39; court on company due to & # 39; Vinasun has reduced its market earnings during the period from January 2016 to 2017 due to the work of Grab.

The court also received a written response from Cuu Long Company for this content. According to Cuu Long, based on analysis of security companies, these reports show that although the Ho Chi Minh City stock record is more than 500, the Vinasun division is 21,000 dong each co- share. votes.

The Ho Chi Minh City stock market index raised more than 700 points but Vinasun departments significantly expanded to VND14,000 / department.

These reports will also explore more closely the reasons why Vinasun's profit is reduced because Vinasun needs to increase the discount to keep the driver trying to work for Grab, Uber . The report warned Grab, Uber threatens Vinasun market division.


Tomorrow 23/11, the test is continuing.

The entire Vinasun company agreed with its definition of Cuu Long Company, but Grab agrees not yet.

According to the representative of Grab, Cuu Long is based on reports of security companies, but the information and data in this report are not correct. The purpose of the service report is to give clients, clients and secrets a service.

This report states that these companies are not responsible for accuracy and are only for information. At the same time, they give a warning that there may be benefits.

Grab said that the Compu Long Company evaluation was superficial, not to answer the court's central question, saying that the jobs were Grab a & # 39; injured Vinasun.

Responding to Grab's opinion, Vinasun said that his & her; Evaluation decision to show that the process has gone through a long analysis. The above data is one of the foundations to determine Vinasun's confirmation rather than its foundation.

Damaging Vinasun has been shown in previous tests: Grab a & # 39; Breach of the law, with a causal link between illegal behavior Grab and injured Vinasun.

The test will continue on November 23rd.

Xuan Duy

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