Vincent Nadon's Ottawa estate doctor is guilty of a sexual assault, patient registration secretly


Jackie Dunham with a report by Catherine Lathem CTV Ottawa

Published Thursday, December 6, 2018 8:42 EST

The Ottawa hanging doctor will spend seven years in prison after he has been convicted of being guilty of sexual orientation and his / her. Most recently recorded dozens of patients over 30 years.

There were almost 100 taxation of sexual assault and folklore on Dr. Vincent Nadon, which includes 50 victims who were sent to & # 39; dates back to 1990.

On Wednesday, the 57-year-old doctor was guilty of 14 of these costs in the Ottawa courtroom and was convicted of eight years imprisonment less than a year for a period already served.

During the proceedings, a number of women – whose identity was protected under a procurement contract – brought them to the state to read the effects of influence while Nadon had been; Sit in a box with a jet with a wet head.

"I can not be decorated or brought to the face of my husband," is a victim of one victim. "I'll get rescued clothes".

"Did I get rid of cancer or did it just want to get more corporate?" Another woman asked her statement.

Nadon was first asked in January 2018 after one of his patients at the Ottawa Health Services Health University felt that there was a hidden phone with her; His camera looks to bed in the study room. When his wife was against Nadon, tell her that he did the filming test for training purposes.

The patient made a complaint to the police who then investigated the Chelsea, Que. doctor 's activities.

Two days after the woman reported the incident to the police, Nadon was arrested outside the IGA brewery store in Chelsea. The police watched her to throw rubbish into her dump; shop. According to the police, there was a harsh concern on the bags to go along with other varied items.

In the following months, the police even raised more taxes against Nadon in connection with many incidents that included 50 victims.

One of these victims told CTV Ottawa how to break his trust with Nadon.

"I was betrayed for 21 years," she said.

Initially, the woman said she had a hard time to believe the allegations against her doctor when the police were called her earlier this year.

"I did not know and I protected it for many months," she said.

In May, the Physicians' College and Ontario Surgeons impeded Nadon's permission to use cure.

On Wednesday, Nadon made his promise to the victims of a full courtroom.

"I have put a lot of disagreement on many people … I'm really sorry … I have affected your trust … I am fully responsible for my actions … and I am now aware that I have a big problem, "he said.

The people who suffered listening to their excuse had their tears away and they did; sitting in the courtroom. They tell your Ottawa CTV although its crimes can not be disqualified, at least it will be given.

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