Vinfast announced the sale of "3 not" with Lux cars and Fadil


On 20 November 1818, when launching a car – VinFast named "3 No" for the price of Lux high heels and the Fadil popular category.

At the cost of "depreciation, with no cost of productive and non-profit cost" in the first phase, VinFast is still a "#; confirmation Desire put the kind of goods International international users, aiming for it built Vietnam VietnameseSouth Westerly

In addition to the "Àir 3" price for the Klara electronics engine, Lux and Fadile price will be the same as the same price as the sale.

So, the official price list of VinFast 1,818 billean dong cars with VinFast Lux SA 2.0 (SUV); VND366 billion for VinFast Lux A 2.0 (Sedan) and VND423 million for VinFast Thread. But, at the beginning, to encourage people to participate in the Vietnamese brand building – Vietnam's pride, as well as its popularity. "No No" policy, VinFast also applies to specific promotional policies, VND1,136 billion prices levels with VinFast Lux SA 2.0; VND 800 million with VinFast Lux A 2.0 and VND 336 million with VinFast Fadil. The upper stages are not included VAT.

To have an international class car with your best price – buyers must sign up for a car purchase agreement at the opening time of VinFast at Thong Nhat Park (20-21 / 11/2018) and VinFast displays at the Vincom Shopping Center all over the country from 20 November 1818. A list of VinFast exhibition rooms is posted on the website. The deposit is for all VND 20 million Threads, for Lux 50 million VND.

Lux and Fadil are the first VinFast vehicle product. The brand of VinFast brand results is the sad V-chrome logo that presents Vietnam's spirit of sadness – sadly Vingroup – rises.

Vinfast called a sales price

Lux A 2.0 (Sedan) and Lux ​​SA 2.0 (SUV) have been developed based on the design of Vietnamese users, with their size, excellence and fashion. In the interior, with Lux models, VinFast and Pininfarina design partners have built a high energy, based on a 10.4-inch screening screen with wallpaper options. typical in Vietnam.

For Lux 2, there will be 8 outer colors and 3 colors within the body to choose. In particular, instead of just a pre-designed layout with most of the cars on its own; marketers, VinFast users will be able to personalize their cars with optional transfer packages. , outside, interior, comfort and other features according to your preferences or personal needs. This is a great project for VinFast users.

Vinfast called a sales price

Thread at Thong Nhat Park

The Thread was developed from Opel's Karl Rocks, one of the longest car motifs in Germany, under a technology license from General Motors (GM). This is a real-fashioned car with a solid, fair, leaked overhead and top roof that Fadil looks like a fun, fun car. It differs from current products in the small car department.

In addition, the Fadil is fitted with special safety features such as 6 airbags, EBD, electronic stability (ESC), anti-skid (TCS), anti-casg (ROM), slippery support (HSA), etc. . There are 6 VinFast Fadile colors for choosing users.

"With the spirit of building a Vietnamese brand name, VinFast has implemented a" No 3 "price policy – including a cost of depreciation, financial cost, and no interest. This company accepts this policy many users will have the terms and conditions of knowledge materials Automobiles, Vietnam vehicles will signify level the world le very good price, enhancing Vietnam's pride and creating a mark of the international range", said Nguyen Viet Quang, vice president and Vingroup general manager.

Vinfast called a sales price

Lux A.20 at Thong Nhat Park

After launching the event in Hanoi, VinFast launches the launch, and # 39; sell and accept VinFast in Ho Chi Minh City from 10am – 10pm on 25-26/2018 in Central Vinhomes Park. /.

A car at VinFast Thread that was developed on the Opel Karl Rocks (the most advanced version of Opel Karl) is a technology contract from GM. Although Opel Karl uses the same platform and a small GM car structure with the new Chevrolet Spark, the Opel Karl is made in accordance with German and European levels. Opel Karl has many differences in design outside and inside as opposed to the new Chevrolet Spark.

As well as to display and & # 39; accepting orders for VinFast brand vehicles, Vingroup Group companies will also organize many actions to honor Vietnam's products and culture. In particular, within a program of discharge, there are houses that have a & including Vietnamese food with three-dimensional specialties, led by the leading craftsmen.

In addition, buyers can open a VinID card at the opening to encourage them when they buy cars, as well as other Vingroup products that were introduced at the event.

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