VinFast car costs 336 million


On the afternoon of November 20, VinFast has launched a series of materials, which includes two modules of Lux A2.0 and Lux ​​SA2.0 have appeared at the Paris exhibition in old Longitudinal cars.

Speaking at the event, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, in the context of international international integration, demonstrated that the competitiveness of Vietnam's economy has improved considerably. Reduction in the product has grown rapidly and Vietnam has been the leading export of agricultural products, seafood, woven fabrics, motto and electronics. In the past, although there are many good materials, but many things in Vietnam need to behave a flag; parent company abroad.

"We do not have many of our world-class competitive brands, especially in key areas such as automobiles, motorcycles, electric engines, agro-process and other businesses. I welcome VinFast in a very short time to create the first car value of cars, electronic phonics and conduct of the Vietnam brand through detailed research and major repository investment. International rates for sales service.

I recommend VinFast to have a plan to develop support businesses as well as research and development to expand the product. I would like VinFast to fulfill its obligations to consumers, and ensure environmental protection, industrial waste and waste to have a brand and a competitive car business. Vehicle representation is a profit business, and creates income for its & # 39; budget and many jobs for the people. By placing more advocacy of 4.0 technology to improve, becoming able to understand, they will take advantage of the opportunities that they can; at a quarter-to-business business in Vietnam, "said PM.

Also at the opening, Nguyen Viet Quang, leader of the Vingroup Group on the cost of the cars announced – what is public interest. In particular, the official price list of VinFast 1,818 billion dong cars with VinFast Lux SA 2.0 (SUV); VND366 billion for VinFast Lux A 2.0 (Sedan) and VND423 million for VinFast Thread.

But, at the beginning, VinFast also made a special promotion policy, with a special price of 1.136 billion with VinFast Lux SA 2.0; VND 800 million with VinFast Lux A 2.0 and VND 336 million with VinFast Fadil. The upper stages are not included VAT.

In addition, VinFast also generates ten thousands of service points in the ecosystem system for electric motorcycle products to serve customers across the country.

VinFast car cost from 336 million - Picture 1.
VinFast car prices at 336 million dunes - Picture 2.
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