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Brush to buy electric scooters

On the 20th and the 21st of November, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and Vingroup event organized a "Vietnamese products hosting Vietnam" and launched telephones Vinfast to attract the attention of Vietnamese users.

The event's heat can be seen as if it were in two normal working days rather than the weekend, but the oversight of the motor cars and parking parks inside and outside the United Park. South Westerly

According to the reporter, as well as the number of people who come to the event just to know, many strange customers also have found investments for the Klara electric motor to get used. November 21, when a customer requested his & # 39; buy this car, Vinfast's advisory reporter said that the current sales were sold, and entrants can be paid up until the beginning of December 1818, that they get the car S Post-electric sales price The Klara Lithium batteries, including VAT 35 million; Klara uses Acid-Lead 21 batteries.

"Klara's 35 million dong old motorcycle factory is a price, my son is a Vingroup worker, and so the incentives have been reduced to 31 million dong. I have signed up to buy a half-month for parents to travel There will be an electric motorcycle to protect the environment, except just over a gasoline motorcycle. In the evening, I went in, paid and built my car. On the morning, I was registered for the license pledge, "said Tran Thi Hai, 59, in the Ba Dinh area, Hanoi.

What's in Vinfast?

In Vinfast advising and car sales are also full. So, Vinfast has a 800-dong retail price Lux A2.0, SUV Lux SA2.0 (no VAT) 1,136 billion dong, a Fadil car (except VAT) is 336 million dong. According to the councilors here, after the finances (20 million VND for Fadil car, 50 million VND for the other two cars), by September 2019 customers will be donated.

"Although the Lux models (production versions) still have no commercial drafts, Fadil is preparing to go up, the price can not be considered" expensive, or reasonable "and many factors are considered. , with the device that VinFast published, it can prove that Fadil is a model with a newer device than current competitors such as Hyundai Grand i10, Kia Morning or Toyota Wigo, "and Viet Hung (40, Hanoi) – car coach.

According to its account, if there is no change in tax policy, the favorable levels from here until VinFast deliver the car, a total fee of 436.3 million Thousands in Hanoi VND 419.9 million (the fee is favorable to a registration fee VND 369.6 million plus, license fee fees and first registration fee, compulsory liability insurance, maintenance of road maintenance costs).

At the same time, for the two types of the Lux, if the design of the two scenes of the concept car with five seats for Lux A 2.0 and 7 Lux SA 2.0 seats are kept the same price. There is no change in sales / priority prices and tax / tax policies from current prices, the total cost of property is: Lux A2.0L in Hanoi that is VND1,008 billion, in The HCMC is 981, 4 million; Lux SA2.0L in Hanoi is 1,421 billion, HCM City is 1.387 billion.

Stable policy, local enhancement, and car price reduction

According to Nguyen Thanh Hai, a marketing expert, Value Assurance is created in two basic ways: Ownership (Price) and Special Purchases. Usually the two will not be together. Good goods are expensive. Vingroup has made the output of key features (BMW as valuable) to be produced for sale at lower market shares (ie, just 2 Lux modules A2.0 and SA2.0); long as it is & # 39; makes a popular brand (Opel) to make a better product to lower up for low price, low price (Thread). In addition, according to Hai, prices for Lux A2.0 and SA2.0L models can not be reduced by using BMW shadow.

Economic economist Ngo Tri Long also said that trading targets in components of 2019 would have enforced the deterioration of a local level of high businesses. So, if the incentive policy for the development of the residential car industry is stable, the future of Vinfast will be reduced. Users have more choices.

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