Vingroup anticipates that other country owners will have a share of the VND 25,000 billion value


Vingroup (VIC) has just produced documents for sending to a typical general meeting of shareholders in the form of a written opinion form. The list of shareholders consulted on 6 March was completed.

The most striking content of which Vingroup expects to offer 250 million segments of standard categories to 5 highest foreign groups. Offering a price at more than 100,000 VND / share – depending on the minimum travel value of 25,000 billion VND. The specific price will be decided by the Board of Directors and is expected to be implemented in the remaining three quarters of 2019.

Currently Vingroup on capital acquisition of the VND is 32,756 billion, including 3.19 billion shares and 84 million best sectors.

Depending on the number of normal dimensions to be issued (measured by completing the tender): 7,833%; and – The rate measured on the number of routine interests which have been circulated (worked out how the offer was completed with the view that maximum tender and successful offer): 7,264%.

Currently, Vingroup's categories are at the highest price range then (measured at set prices), reaching VND 118,600.

A proposed £ 25,000 billion Vingroup offers a share of grants to foreign owners - Picture 1.

The volume invested by 6,000 million dong is expected to invest in sub-groups in the industry – technology sector such as VinFast, Vinsmart and VinTech; VND 10,000 billion to pay key and interest rates; His group and sub-groups are contributing to the remaining VND 9,000 bills.

If the bid is successful, it will contribute well to the Vingroup capital scale. On 31 December 2018, the group's total asset was VND 289,105 billion and VND 99,059 billion.

In August 2018, Vingroup offered an enhanced 84 million shares to the Korea Asset Management Company to collect VND9,300 billion (US $ 400 million). Previously in May 2018 VinHomes had a bid to register the highest number of 1.35 billion USD.

In addition, in this round of views, Vingroup also added to shareholders to amend some business lines, which saw the removal of the Information Portal area and sent information on the commitment and commitment group. trade. agricultural and forestry products, market research, short-stay accommodation services.

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