Vinh's decision was won from the four best stories killed in southeast Asia


With the stripper of Philippine, Phil Younghusband, who scandalized against East Timor last night, Cong Vinh has been in a hurry, Losing the number of four places on the list of the goals that were getting to # 39; Most of the objectives in south-eastern Asia.

Vinh's decision was won from the four best stories killed in southeast Asia

In a match between East Timor and the Philippines on the Martinine night, the opposition against the Filip Young team, Philipp Younghusband, has continued to recordings in East Indies football.

With Phil Tim's scale, Phil has stopped 52 visits, over 51 from the Vietnamese strike with Le Cong Vinh.

Vinh's decision was made on the four best stories killed in the southeast of Asia
Phil Younghusband beat Cong Vinh on a list of the best strike players in the southeast side of Asia

With this performance, Phil Younghusband also officially "distributes" the 4th place in the list of the best striker in the south-eastern part of Asia at an inter- national. At the moment, the top of this list is the Thailand tale, Kiatisuk Senamuang with 71 visitors. In the background is Kiatisuk than another football player in the Golden Temple of the country: Piyapong Pue-on (70 goals).

The third is the list of the football tale in Singapore Fandi Ahmad. In particular, at the 2018 AFF Cup, he was the player; The 55-year-old team leader Leo Leo has already visited 55 people.

With just three goals, Phil Younghusband can set the 55th sign of Fandi Ahmad to the top three incredible goals on the south east.

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