Viral Prabowo's video gets angry until it makes security, it's a definition from an MPN speaker t

[ad_1] – Viral on middle-person social media 01 Prabowo Subianto looking angry with someone during the motorcade. Prabowo struck the man in the shirt batik bare security forces. This happened in Cianjur, West Java, Tuesday (12/3).

The conference co-ordinator Prabowo-Sandiaga Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak clarified the event. Dahnil didn't want the video to incite the corruption from the president of Prabowo's president.

On his Twitter account, Dahnil answered the writer Iman Brotoseno. Religion calls on social media, a wild advocate at Prabowo's candidate. But Dahnil made clear why Prabowo was angry.

"Brother Faith, you're diligently spreading slander with false accounts, because you're sure you are always safe from legal equipment? I tell you that Pak @ was a tactile and anti-security device. prabowo and encouraged people to go to Pak Prabowo, "Dahnil wrote on his official Twitter account, recited by, Tuesday (12/3).

prabowo security 2019

In the video, Prabowo welcomes hundreds of residents. Suddenly, the old Kopassus Danjen was angry and wanted the man in a batik shirt to take his hand off the car that Prabowo was traveling.

Prabowo until he noticed the man. He looked angry until he asked the man to leave the motorcade.

prabowo security 2019

"Pak @prabowo with the Cianjur family. He warned the security equipment that existed for the mothers who wanted to go with him. The security officers placed in a batik uniform that had been warned that he had been aware of the errors t and Mr Prabowo's warnings.

During his visit to Cianjur, Prabowo welcomed the West Java audience at the Assakinah Diversity Building.

A number of senior officials from Adil Makmur's consortium executive also welcomed the launch of Prabowo into the setting of the event. They include Party's DPP Chair Gerindra Ahmad Riza Patria, Wasekjen from the Attorney National Party (PAN) Eddy Soeparno, Democrat General Syarifuddin Hasan, as well as representatives from PKS and the Working Group.

Prabowo said it would be more competitive each time he visited the departments. One reason is that the people in each region have a keen interest.

"The goodwings of the Cuban are quite strange – it is no better than the people of Tasik, Garut, and even Bandung. Just including people taking two branches," Prabowo said.

“If this is the case, if this is the aroma, this is the weaponry of the people. People's victory was won, "said Prabowo, and people welcomed to meet them.


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