Viral YouTube: A woman came to Peru to grab her, but a doctor got wrong and made her a nose Light Heavy Extreme Picture 1 of 3 | YouTube


There was an American woman who was 41 years of age living in bad decoration in a & # 39; town Peru where she got beautiful because she would meet one of her dreams, who was going to see a sculptured image after he had caught her; However, the doctors finished the action from the nose, and they killed him.

Mariela tells her story on the truth show E! Channel! Botched, a program run by two well-known plastic surgeons who, The real situation of bad plastic surgery.

Too YouTube , it was possible to know Mariela (41) came to our country after talking to a famous plastic surgeon who had promised to leave her figure she dreamed. "I met the day doctor after I came and was a well-known doctor, he was the doctor & Beverly Hills in Peru," he said.

He told the doctor to tell him what work he wanted to do, he replied everything would be very easy. So, as explained in it YouTube, he went into liposuction, but the next day he woke up his nose.

"When I talked to him and told him what he wanted, he said it was very easy and the next day, when I woke up, I put a card on my nose, I spoke to him the doctor after the surgery and said he was doing it as a favor I was angry, I had never had a problem with my nose before that effort, "she said in the video YouTube.

She said she was looking into the mirror and then went to the mirror; Feeling she was run. "We never saw the doctor who was running me again," said Mariela, who was present at her. program & # 39; Botched & # 39; to see if they can solve your problem.

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