Virgin Galactic vessel reaches spatial boundaries


Mojave, California – Census – A vessel designed for tourism space with its company East & Seas He sailed the sky over the Mojave Desert on Thursday, and arrives at what's going on. the company considers the boundaries of the place.

The vehicle reached 51 miles; height before he began to gradually, the mission officer Enrico Palermo said. The boat started on a bed shortly afterwards.

"We came into space!" Palermo says.

The pilot plane on Thursday is an important step for Virgin Galactic to bring the dream of tourism into a sphere. The company wants people to have paid the most expensive route in the # 39; Capsal with six capabilities, that is, the same size as an active jet.

Virgin Galactic Foundation, Richard BransonHe said that more testing aircraft were made and if everything was fine, it would make a trip before the people come to make that opportunity.

"I think we will be able to put ordinary people into place in the second half of the next year," he said.

Virgin Galactic believes that the site begins 50 miles above the ground since that is the figure used by the Air Force and other organizations in the US. However, other experts believe that the positive height is 62 miles. Virgin Galactic's general director, George Whitesides, has said that recent studies have marked the highest level.

Whitesides said the inspection of flight test data would be extended to the next year.

"It's a great deal of progress, and once we review the data, we will see the way forward," he said.

At the beginning of the test trip, a special jet rises to a & # 39; carrying a Unity spacecraft from Virgin to about 13,100 meters (43,000 feet) before he put the capsule away, and then he split the skipper and climbed out of the scene.

Both pilots – Mark Stucky and Rick Sturckow, NASA's warden – get the "shields" given to those who came into the place, said Bailey Edwards, an officer with the Federal Aviation Administration.

Virgin Galactic's attempt to build this capsule was far beyond its first measurement. He suffered many challenges at first, for example when his first vehicle was broken off when he was disbanded in 2014, and as a result of his death, co-pilot.

Over 600 people have paid up to $ 250,000 to enter the place as a tourist destination where, as promised, move very seriously and see through a window to the globe as a whole.

The campaign began in 2004, when Branson published the launch of the Virgin Galactic, shortly after launching SpaceShipOne, and its first speeches with people funded by a private captain , which went three times to a place.

SpaceShipOne, funded by producer Paul G. Allen, who has now died and was created by airborne photographer Burt Rutan, an Ansari X $ 10 award, set up to promote tourism.

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