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Name: Mary the young man.

Age: Between one and two years old.

Design: Just just your mother is constantly moved.

Fuirich, "mother"? I thought you said she was a maid? That's right. She was. Sort of.

How can you become a type of maid? Okay, what do you know about strikes?

Are they the fish behind them? Mor, so there is not much. Watching, usually, a female splitting eggs in a nest, which is produced by a male torment that has gone into trouble to build the nest.

Right. But Mary was found – to find researchers found at a trip in the Outer Hebrides – that they were pregnant. She did not sit eggs; In that place, dozens of her arm proportions were growing inside her.

Wow! Is it OK? No, she is dead.

O. The researchers decided to find the entrances by caesarian, and Mary had to be "put to sleep" for her happiness.

Oh, no. But this meant that his wife and his wife were alive 54 as they were, may have died in another way. So it's a happy ending.

This is a rollercoaster. And this is the best thing: it was likely that Mary would ban her own eggs. He was a lie of unfaithful pride.

So, do you recommend that one of her children have a & # 39; attack Jesus Oh no. No, no. Uncertainly. God, think of the trouble we would get in if we started to name random fish as God's son. I have never heard his border.

Is there a scientific explanation for this? There are three options. Initially, parthenogenesis, a system of asexual reproduction is usually found in insects, berries and plants. Secondly, Mary could be hermaphrodite. However, these two opportunities are split out.

So what does that leave? Well, the researchers made some genetic tests on Mary's children, and found out that their versions of Mary had no genre. This means that they had to have a father.

Of course? There is. The current current product is that Mary has abandoned her eggs as usual, but went on close to another egg card on the fertile fertilizer, and Some of her temporary sperms got her and instead of having a sperm, knocking their eggs, grown up fertile Post-

I know what happened with … If you are going to argue that Jesus was not the result of an insecure mythology, and that only the Virgin Mary had just learned something like Mary the virgin order, that carry out.

Do you say: "It's a fantastic biblical in 54 of Mary's fish."

Do not say: "Now give me 54 little buckets of bread."

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