Visitors abroad have cancer, living in Tan Son Nhat has returned to the country


So, after almost two months living in the room, he refused to enter, Tan Son Nhat, a passenger of Masena Bokang Jon, has been in attendance; leaving the country on a Turkish Airlines TK168 tour, SGN-IST (HCMC to Istanbul – Turkey). This plane will leave at 18.20 m.m. on 20-11-2018, then to & # 39; runs to Africa, where travelers celebrate citizenship.

Passenger Passenger Masena Bokang Jon (SN 1986, Zimbabwe nationalism) at Tan Son Nhat Airport between 27-9 years ago.

Especially, at 27-9, when the modes for passengers were introduced on a FD650 flight from Don Mueang (Thailand), Air Policemen Tan Son Nhat said Air Asia Airlines was transporting customers' travel Japan's side is back on the passport and does not have an appropriate passport or passport.

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Countries who stay in Tan Son Nhat for two months away from Vietnam

Earlier, at 18-8, these travelers from Jakarta (Indonesia) to Vietnam have a VN630 aircraft and continue to Don Mueang (Thailand) on Air Asia FD651 aircraft. After arriving at Kansai Airport (Japan), it was found that the passport had changed personal identity. This traveler also used this complexity through many countries.

At the same time, the popularity of these travelers is difficult because Zimbabwe does not recognize that this person is a citizen of his country, it is worth the support for issuing passports or papers to the country. You can not return to the original country.

Waiting for travelers Masena Bokang Jon in the room inside, not to swim, unfailing smell for other travelers.

This guest often happens because the air is only a & # 39; serving bread but the travelers are refusing to eat and have no money to buy another food. The Tan Son Nhat International Airport airport has recently supported these passengers because the health of the guest is not good.

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