Vitalik Buterin: blockbags need to be heard clearly, everything else is a waste of time


The technology is blockchable that can be made for international payments and as a basis for cryptocurrencies. The objectives for the use of technology in other areas contain doubts. This was named by the Ethereum founder of Vitalik Buterin in an interview with Quartz.

"All other comments still need more time so we can understand whether it is sensible to work on them on a large scale," – added Vitalik Buterin to him.

It does not exclude that some developers have a & # 39; using Ethereum network only for hyip marketing. Some, Buterin added to him, visited blocks to destroy each other's interaction. However, the use of registered recording technology in some areas is not longer than "lost time," said Ethereum's founder.

Talk about the block technology projects at IBM's major technology, Buterin said:

"I did not understand this in depth, but something took my eye. They say," Hey, we have all our IP addresses, and this is our platform, and you have to use it. "And as if … there's no mean … "

He also questioned the need for blocks to locate material supply chains. Buterin noted that it is impossible to confirm whether the correct information about the product was placed on the blocks before it was issued. In addition, producer levels and customer quality can change, Buterin has been added.

"Blockchain does not give full commitment, and especially in the real world," – he also noted.

Despite what has been said, Buterin said he was The diploma block verification system was developed in Singapore.

Earlier, Vitaly Buterin was disturbing her & her; Using the word "courageous contract" in the Ethereum network.

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