Vivendi is retiring to councilors, Elliott won


Telecom Italia is shared in a radar on the day of shareholders' meeting.

Seizing with the market, Vivendi abandoned the revocation of the five accused accused of independence, thus supporting the impact of Elliott.

The response from the investors was immediate: with Telecom Italia is sharedwhich had already started the exchange in the platform, pressing on the accelerator and recording his progress over 4 points per cent.

29th March 2019 is due to arrive and TIM day has already been full of surprises. It was not just the people who kept the bank conflict inside in recent months he has asked the company Piazza Affari to change both sides. In today's Telecom Italia Meeting, it also dealt with the financial statements, pay policy and the independent auditors.

Telecom Italia Assembly: summary

Telecom Italia was divided: to remove all 5 directors Elliott has been removed

Some time, just after a farewell at Amos Genish, the French attacked the Americans Elliott, who had reported abuse and independence of five TIM administrators: t Fulvio Conti, Alfredo Altavilla, Massimo Ferrari, Dante Roscini and Paola Giannotti De Ponti.

The application has been granted: Vivendi requested that the five characters who were declared so many independent directors be put in place. Then, however, something changed and as soon as the Telecom Italia Service started, most of it came back t distribute his claims.

Appointment of 5 independent directors

On request from 5 directors of Elliott to be revoked, Vivendi also recommended that they be put in place through their independent functions: t Franco Bernabè, Rob van der Valk, Flavia Mazzarella, Gabriele Galateri di Genola and Francesco Vatalaro.

If the French had not taken a step back and even though their applications were upheld, the TIM board would have returned to Vivendi after last year last year which put the balance in after America.

But the real challenge came to an end, at least for now. Telecom Italia took part in the Vivendi decision of the Assembly climbing the top of FTSE MIB. In recent weeks, among other things, the circle had sunk and was proved Poste Italiane, Glass Lewis, Frontis and Iss they had all converted to Elliott.

Approval of 2018 financial statements

A registered company Piazza Affari 2018 closed a reductions in overall income, which came from 19.83 to 18.94 billion. Interestingly interesting too bare resultwhich proved negative for 1.4 billion: in this case the figure was compared to 1.1 billion in the same period of 2017.

According to the 2018 accounts, Ebitda has fallen from 7.79 to 7.4 billion, and debt The net financial situation below 25 billion is failing. There is no news of the dissemination. Instead, it is expected that Telecom's savings sections alone will be given a cup of € 0.0275.

Vote on pay policy

The consultation in this case will be binding, as reported by Il Sole 24 Ore, i a proxy adviser in the last few weeks having been supporting Elliott they would already have been divided into Glass Lewis in favor, Iss and Frontis.

Design company specification (2019-2027) t

It has already been discussed in April 2018. But at that time, however wall Vivendi he had stopped the post, and then retired for a year. Senate Telecom Italia has today returned to the subject.

Today, today's Day has become a wild day for TIM. The prophecies of the best viewers – who had spoken about it any approach between Vivendi and Elliott and 7 councilors are appointed for their disguise.

What is clear from the current time is that the Senate will be keeping a close eye on the modern Assembly Telecom Italia is shared, which currently runs at + 2.9% on the 0.56 section.

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