Vivo NEX 2's two screens were based on images that were moved


In Asia, three news Flexible with a name by "X": the NEX Life, the OPPO Find X and the ZTE Nubia X. A & # 39; The first two, launched in a cradle order, were the world's first high-tech phones to block the front cameras behind a sliding device. But then the ZTE Nubia X will change this solution for a second dorsal screenshot and, in the process, a complete image model was saved. Well, Vivo would have liked this solution as Vivo NEX 2 would also have two screens.

The crystal pictures of this stellar adviniente device show it with a display on each of the faces. Their first and most important ones would be in almost 100% of the face surface and the lower back to leave in a bezel is higher than the same camera made with two lenses, a deep sense of and LED movie.

Remember that this feature has a VOOX display at Vivo NEX S of 6.59 inches as the presentation that would be in front of Vivo NEX 2. In terms of the subsequent show, we are likely to a & # 39; talk about a screen of less than 5.4 inches, & maybe; We can even write in less than 5 inches.

Naturally, the images are insufficient to describe how small the visual life of the NEX 2 is, but in particular it is enough to make estimate estimates. Indeed, another program for anything saddened to think that this phone is Snapdragon 845 or Snapdragon 8150 is high, as well as at least 6GB of RAM.

Vivo NEX 2 has two screens as shown by recent broadcast, but we did not know anything now when we see it officially displayed. In fact, this design is far from a normal formula. The most likely thing is that Vivo NEX 2 has a company that's; Strongly complained about being successful in the market because it's not a cell phone. there.

Via: GSM Arena

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