Vladimir Weiss emphasized the end in the production: Under Hapalom coach I did not play!


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Slovenian football player Vladimir Weiss has confirmed that he will finish it in the national team. Al-Gharaf's club is not eighty years of Qatar to comment on it; production chapters must be definitively closed. However, he did not play under the coach of Pavel Hapal coach, directed by SR director Ján Kozák, instead of the October association term.

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Those under the leadership of Hapal did not hit one of two two-year duels in the B-Team of the European League 2018/2019 against Ukraine (4: 1) and in the Czech Republic (0: 1). Shortly by the end of the Monday game in Prague, when he was already familiar he did not get up for the number of recreational activities he had done; There he went badly to his nephew hill and went to the stadium.

When the team members of the 2010 World Cup competitions and the 2016 European Championship, which moved 67 times, moved to the " The most prestigious jerseys and who visited him, they came to the playroom, he lost his bag in the corridors of the football area in Prague. "I'm ready here," according to Proifeasbal.sk, to mark the first time that Bratislava expects.

Later on, in an interview for sport24.pluska.sk, he stated that he would not add any other start to the show. "It's my decision, and I'm not sorry, and I've been done as one of the team's representatives with Hamsik and Škrtel, from a coach Hapoel, one of the biggest reasons to continue. " The interviews and the fact did not match " Weiss said in the conversation.

When asked what exactly was the reason why he left the game before the Czech Republic, he replied: "As a result of all my feelings I've been living throughout the fair."

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There are not many experts in the popular football cycles that Weiss has been experiencing; plays in the tallest competition in Qatar for nearly five years, European Union felling. This fantastic situation was not entirely in the flavor for Yan Kozak's previous co-pilot, but was still a strong part of his plans. Under the guidance of a new Hapal pilot, however, its output will be turned off; card.

"I had no problem with Kozak coach and I came to the disaster every time. I'm happy with Katar now and I do not want my future expectation." Weiss said.

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The old Olympiacos Piraeus, Glasgow Rangers and Espanyol Barcelona have argued that the decision to face their performance in the team has also been discussed – is now a coach of Georgia production Vladimir Weiss, their grandfathers. "I spoke to my father right after her game, but she does not like it, but he accepts it as the greatest support," he said.

Weiss confirmed that he would like to return in the future, but only when Pavel Hapal is not in the team. "Indeed, I'm sorry I'm not represented for the atmosphere and the relationship between the players now and I really enjoy it and I'm sure she'll lose it personally. I did not tell me the last word in the festival but the coach Hapal I did not play, because I do not feel confident and respected, " Vladimír Weiss said at sport24.pluska.sk.



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