Vladimir Weiss finished at the Hapal coach centers (football experts)


The answer of the man may have deeper reasons.

Bratislava. Slovenian football Vladimir Weiss says he will never play Pavel Hapal coach in the show.

"I've done it for Hapala, I will put myself in the days ahead," said Weiss sport24.sk.

Hapal did not allow him to have a home match against the League of Nations against Ukraine (4: 1) or Monday in the Czech Republic (0: 1).

When Weiss discovered that he did not appear against the Czech Republic or as a substitute, he rose up in the middle and went to his hut. No explanation.

"I did not notice leaving his / her bing. I found out when I came into the decorative room. Then he gave me a hand and left "said Hapal coach for futbalsfz.sk.

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Hapal understands Weiss's answers

The man has been a constant player for many years. It was the coach; formerly represented Ján Kozák's first choice in a shield position. But in the first two games under the direction of Hapal he did not pay.

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"I understand the problem I can not afford. We did not respect the team, we did not respect our team coach and the team, and he is not sure right, "said Hapal.

"Not just about Weiss but about the whole generation. They have a lot of money around them. Some of them are teams and other units. They give it the best thing or I do not. And Vlado is alone, "said the old Stanislav Griga coach.

There is no conflict between special coaches and players. Often they have been in the football team in the past.

"We have been in a similar situation with the same situation for the time of one producer coach," said Vratislav Gresk's old assistant.

"The volunteering is voluntary and every player can decide whether they should go to the national team or not," said Samuel Slovák.

Why did Weiss appear in production?

We do not know we know that the Hapal teacher knows that we are sure we are not out of their game.

"I have no official opinion from Weiss. The ball is on his side, he must explain what happened. I'm not sure I want to make a decision soon," said the Czech coach.

Weiss is a football player good, but also has a problem with control. Can you do that for yourself? Is not Hapal responsible for it?

"These changes have been at Weiss. We also released similar situations, but that was not enough in the public," Griga replied to the question he knew like to be with Weiss.

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