Vloggaren Vlad opens the door for Youtubers in a & # 39; Melodifestivalen


With over 400,000 publishers on YouTube have been making the supporters Vlad Reiser to a big profile on social media. The video clips are usually easy on video clips on the YouTube channel and are aimed at maintaining digital digital audiences.

Now Vlad is playing and playing. Play in Melodifestival this year with the song "Nude in the Rain" for all Swans. And he believes that the partnership is to be a starting point for more Youtube profiles at the forthcoming Melody fèisean.

– In general, I think people who are on YouTube are the people who want to look very creative for themselves. Most people are very creative for people who are fine, Vlad says Nyheter24.

Now the 25-year-old wants to invite more vloggers to try and prove their musical features and be on the platform. Vlad also believes that you should listen to your fans who want to see yourself challenging.

"If you're passionate about something, you should be able to progress, especially if you have a follower who is sending a man. Then you & # 39; feeling that "right can I prove this". Then go forward, on and on. Is YouTube YouTube wanting to do so "do it". Test yourself, says Vlad.

Vlad Reiser
Vlad Reiser is famous for his news articles on YouTube. Image Source: @wladreiser

The jumping from Youtube sketches is to be featured in a good Melody festival. It is used to work in the past, but Vlad thinks the music is something different. But there are similarities and Vlad believes that he can find out from YouTube for what he is doing; presented at this year's Melody Festival.

– I like to work. To get into different characters and be very lively. So the music came naturally there, Vlad says.

Vlad Reiser makes his song "Nude in the Rain" in the Malmö quarry competition and will be released on 9 February.

News24 has previously written about Vlad Reiser's previous statements here!

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