Vodka Brooks, Rotten, Do not Eat Easy Eat Life


On the road, the smell of the fishfish, crop smell has become very enthusiastic while the buyer enters the restaurant. Phung Hung Hung at home. Pleiku is renowned for this dish with many retailers who have a great deal. sells rotten crab noodle. We decided to go to Ms. cafe. Chi, located at Àir. 02 Phung Hung, who was introduced 22 years ago.

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Large water pot with black water, with muffins, ducks. Sometimes the owner placed a golden oil with the pot and turned it. Kitchen heat, water boiling; boiling.

Laminated crab, loses easy food to eat - picture 1

A water pot is similar to black color


A bowl of notes with just a silk of plaid, hot water just to the notes. Add to the crispy, crispy, bitter onion, when it eats with raw vegetables … Everything you enjoy is delicious. Are "rotten noodles" on "decomposition" as truths?

Craban glaodhach, losing food easy to eat - picture 2

Gia Lai people mourn the stone craban notes.

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Guests from Tran Thi Thanh (currently working in Da Nang but visit Gia Lai) said: "Every time I need to eat a bowl. Yesterday I eat today too. I eat every day, eating for help with the illness. Talk about smell like the truth about people with long distances, Thanh smiled happy: "I eat well, I do not; smell anything. "

Laminated crab, who eats eating easy to eat - picture 3

Close a bowl of fine notes


On the other hand, Mai Thi Vuong, who is a supporter of his notebook, said: "She does not smell the smell but she still sounds bold but they are not eating heavy, leaks. "

At the same time, Mr Ngo Quang Man (Nguyen Chi Thanh High School, HCMC) recognizes: "I see 50 stones – 50 sing, do not eat, then … really smell ".

Laminated crab, loses easy food to eat - picture 4

New water from new cranbag is moved


Chau Thi Chi, 51, owner of the restaurant said: "Since I cooked it over a night, I've been sorry. I bought live crabs. a dead crust that destroys the pole. Thieves to broadcast the water, to spend the night to salt, during the morning I cooked. Cooking oil with warriors, into the beautiful.

Ms Chi said that she was a crabag in her; Chraban for cooking in Gia Lai: "Gia Lai's crabs do not do well, there are other places that do not taste well."

Chau Thi Chi, 51, age, who is a well-known stone crab neller owner in Pleiku, Gia Lai for 22 years


First of all, I do not know how to access this. Back to want his headteacher hard. She said: "It's usually mixed with chilli water, bleeding, more fat and eggs. Foods are better with raw vegetables. There are always enough vegetables to eat."

Nguyen Thi Thu Huong (age 66, crabain noodle brot supporter) as eating noodles from small crabs. She said she had been worried that she did not bother her; she can eat.

"In general, the country, but this one that did not eat for many years. On average, we eat a few times a week, and we'll buy it for the whole family," she said.

Craban glaodhach, losing food easy to eat - picture 6

Ngo Quang Minh enjoys a fierce wildcat but still recognizes that the food is a bit … smell


Rotten lazy crab, who eats eating easy to eat - picture 7

Children here also love her & her; confidence


Vermicelli, rotten, you lose easy food to eat - picture 8

Talk to your mother when you eat a middle tree noodles at the dinner


Vineyard & rotten trees, who miss ease easily - picture 9

Enjoy eating your mother


Indeed, not just Huong but many people in Gia Lai are also the "educated" notes. In the evening, come back to Phung Hung's pung. They need to eat 2, 3 bowls, without eating a bowl of notes as usual.

The restaurant is open every day from 11 noon until it starts dark, when I was at the restaurant, just 5 o'clock, Ms Chi gave up the last waters of water for The last notes to invite me to enjoy. Sometimes, the guests eat in the road still find their drag for other shops because the Chi Ms notes were out of stock.

If you want to have an interesting experience when you go to the Gia Lai mountain capital – remember to visit the egg stone noodle at 02 Phung Hung enjoying it!

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