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Klemna Musulina was found dead on Saturday on a rocky jump between Krvavec and Kokra.

Krvavec – On Saturday, Klemen Musulin of Trebnje, 36, was found in a major research campaign, and no search was lost on the night of November 10. Finding the person who died dead between the Krvavec and Kokra town about 1200 hours, reports from the Directorate of the Ministry of Defense. Kranj police. He dropped through a higher rocky jump and died, police officers explained, which gives real relationships to relatives and his; thank them for their help in searching and browsing them. trust.

Police officers, mountain rescuers, firefighters, rescue-care managers and other researchers are required on a 36-year-old offense issued to the glen at night; March Saturday from Krvavec's official party, who was unsuccessful to investigate a week. Therefore, the police agreed to take place on Saturday, with 240 police officers, mountain rescuers, surviving dogs, volunteer firefighters and relatives needed. During the investigation, they also helped with a police helicopter and a non-passenger vehicle.

They explored the most interesting areas of Krvavec. At the time of the research campaign, the movement of others on Krvavec was stopped.

"The search department was divided into 61 sections, and one of the ten sections of researchers asked for higher professional capacity to move in remote land. So we did the share among rescuers on the mountains, and one police officer on the mountain unit with one of them. At about 12 hours, one of these teams was found dead under a 15 to 20 meter rock, "Matej Brajnik explained by Kranj Police Directorate. Klemna was found in the area not inspected on Saturday and far from the normal routes, which was re-inspected again. "The research area has gradually expanded over the last few days, and on Saturday, with the large number of people we could abolish, expand the search area, "he said.

"For my experience, this is the largest research campaign in Gorenjska in recent years," said Sebastjan Mohorič, head of Rescue Tour Guides at Kranj Rescue Cannabis Guides. Accordingly, 34 rescue dogs from Kranj and Ljubljana participated in the research campaign.

Kranj mountain rescues also asked their co-workers from nearby GRS stations in Tržič, Škofja Loka, Kamnik, Radovljica and Jezersko to help with the investigation. According to Jane Kresher, GRS Kranj, the collaboration proved well, because they can not do it; investigating the whole area where the loss may still be. "The ground wanted, we needed to look after our safety first. We went down the ropes, it was quite a cas, somewhere geology, there was a huge risk of falling rock, "said Triler.

Method Kropar, Brigadier of the Brigade of Cerklje, stated that the search for what was needed due to steep slopes, wine-wine and whole areas was very difficult. As well as fire-fighters, members of Kranj, Naklo and Kokra firearms were also coming to the research campaign.

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