Volcanic earthquake in Hakodate · Meakan crying | Reuters


The Meteorological Agency said Monday that a volcanic earthquake was rising in Hakodate Mt. Akanake (1499 meters), and increasing activity, wanted attention. The movement rate of transmission is 1 & # 39; Note that it is an active volcano. & # 39;

According to the Meteorological Group, a volcanic earthquake with a wild venue near Ponmachineshir's skin increased from about 6pm on the 20th. The prevalence of earthquake was 28 hours in 20 days, 158 times in 21 days, 271 hours in 22 days and 67 hours with 2 AM on 23rd. There is no change in rubbish change and a gorgeous state.

Mt. Akan was built for the "Crater Management around the pit" with the warning level of 2 in July 2015, and after coming to November 1, the situation was quiet.

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