Volcanic warning of Popocatepetl to yellow level 3


Authorities Civil Defense and the National Center for the Prevention of Accidents tMeaning) name a Thursday; volcanic warning a & # 39; Popocatépetl a level 3 yellow.

In the semaphore of volcanic warning the yellow ask the public to be careful and be ready to stop the work being done.

Level 2 includes water vapor and gas plugin, a slight fall of rubbish in neighboring areas and falling chips. Growth and destruction of lava combs, the ability of pyroclastic currents with explosions and mudflats or short-range debris.

In level 3, the rapid growth in scale and destruction of strong explosions, cohesion of fumaroles, gas and ash can be considered. Also with increasingly explosive explosions by releasing loose parts and medium pyroclastic currents.

In addition, in this stage, evacuation routes, response protocols and communication channels should be established in the event of a possible explosion.

IMAGE Elevate volcanic warning from Popocatépetl to yellow 3 Cenapred
A volcanic warning of Popocatépetl to yellow 3 (Cenapred) t

Volcanic warning of Popocatepetl to yellow level 3

David León Romero, the national Civil Defense coordinator, announced at a press conference that the route maps of the surrounding habitats will be published. Popocatépetl volcano and the status of each route. In addition, he had expected the development of a national disaster development before the explosion was blown up.

He confirmed that Popocatépetl's activities are monitored in the 24 hours a day.

The Elevan statue of volcano Popocatépetl to Amarillo Level 3 28 March 2019
They raise a volcanic volcano of Popocatépetl to yellow level 3 8Protección Civil Puebla)

Volcanic warning of Popocatépetl to Yellow Stage 3 (Puebla Civil Protection)

On the morning of this Thursday several slots were recorded in the Popocatépetl volcano, with a small size, reaching a height of 500 meters, with a continuous distribution to the south-west.

Earlier, in an interview for Strictly Personal, the national coordinator of Civil Defense He said that there's no reason to be worried, but busy.

National Civil Defense Co-ordination includes a group of very professional, highly committed women and men, who monitor the 24 hour volcano at the National Center for accident prevention. More than one hundred signals are introduced Meaning"

David León Romero explained that there was activity Popocatépetl since 1994 it has been active in time, with 82 lava floats being destroyed by explosions. He said that this is all in normal action.

With information from Cenapred and FOROtv


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