Volkswagen comes with Amazon. These are clouds over the plants


VW fabrika

The German Volkswagen Group has announced a partnership with Amazon. These are cloud services.

The German automaker Volkswagen has decided to go with an American Amazon in the cloud. The cloud service partnership promises to increase its manufacturing output.

On Wednesday, the carrier said the data database "Volkswagen Industrial Cloud" would create a collaboration with Amazon to bring together data from the car factory centers. The company will therefore be able to accelerate production processes and reduce costs. By 2025, the company wants to increase productivity in its manufacturing plants, with the exception of China about 30%.

Volkswagen said that the cloud platform should also be open to other performers. In this regard, VW and Amazon reported that they had already begun discussions with some companies.

The Cloud Cloud (imaginative data storage in the clouds is not just the company itself – it is, of course, an enclosed and secured resource on easy-to-access remote servers worldwide). . In total, over 30,000 locations and a total of 1,500 providers around the world will engage in data sharing between manufacturing plants, suppliers, systems and tools.

Scores should help Volkswagen find barriers, slow down or prevent processes before doing so. Another benefit is making best use of the tools of systems, systems and equipment.

Amazon's investment, among other things, is the analytics and representation of a linked device (but also logistics), which can now be extended to the car industry.

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