Volkswagen confirmed that a SUV was made in Argentina: how does the Tarek – 03/01/2019


Call Volkswagen to offer it models SUV to the most fragile regions in Mercosur, along with two new vehicles done in the sector.

The German company decided to arrive in Argentina this year T-Cross, published in Brazil, and She confirmed that her General Pacheco plan will doing the Tarek, which will hit the market at night 2020.

The Volkswagen Tarek has a medium size.

The Volkswagen Tarek has a medium size.

Both models were developed from the modular matrix MQB who uses the German group around the world and reaches it to compete in the fastest division of the world. grow in the region.

"We're very hopeful about the T-Cross and Tarek, especially because they are global models that will be developed by local DNA," said Pablo Di Si, President and Chief of the United States Volkswagen.

In November 2017, Argentine Volkswagen declared its investment 650 million dollars for the implementation of the MQB global platform, where the new Tarek has been developed and the construction of a new paint center at the Pacheco Business Center.

The interior is very detailed on modules such as Polo and Virtus.

The interior is very detailed on modules such as Polo and Virtus.

The implementation of these new facilities had to change the plantation, until the Amarok was built and the Suran family was made until the end of the year. And among the changes that need to be made, the brand informed them The production of the line will be completed which corresponds to the Suran model.

After 12 years to do more 440,000 units of this model, it is intended to be ready for its & # 39; business in the first quarter of the year.

Volkswagen an Tarek first appeared in November, during the Guangzhou hall, in China, one of the countries where this model has been made, although the name Tharu. It will also be issued in Russia and Mexico.

The Tarek a Medium SUV that it is for its Asian market, it has been named with two options of the turbo, 150 and 185 power plants, which can be done together with a book box of 6 gears or 7 dual spell (DSG) self moving.

It has also been reported that versions of a four-wheeled support and driver support system, such as an automatic automatic brake and appropriate travel control, among others.

It will start trading at the end of 2020.

It will start trading at the end of 2020.

At this time, none of these features have been officially proven for our market.

In this way, and according to the choices that users display across the globe, SU SUV offers in the & # 39; German company in the future in our market.

If they were included with size, that area would be made smaller with larger size T-Cross, the Tarek, the Tiguan AllSpace, the new generation of the Touareg and the great Atlas, who is also scheduled to come into the country.

As reported by the company, the SUV section is a & # 39; gaining more and more relevance in our country, with an increase of 3% to 12% of the market sector in the last ten years.

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